Clarity over crestplate abuse

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  1. Issue was last time was it was when deepmine released if I remember correctly. A certain building at a high level had glitched stats which were super high. You had to purposefully not max it if I remember correctly. The issue wasn't as widespread and was far more likely to be done due to exploitation rather than a mistake. Some players will have bought crestplates when the issue was live by accident. Those who abused it obviously would be dealt with but the comparison is harder to make as the last issue was limited to players with large amounts of gold ready and you had to do a more specific set of actions to exploit it.
  2. I wasnt around for this one. The one I'm talking about was years ago and had to do with selling buildings. A few hundred people knew about it (which was a handful back when there were less alts and more players) and think it was either when HF or Abyss came out. Didnt require much gold but worked by buying and selling and somehow generated gold or something. Idk. I just know some guys BCed off it and bought a bunch of allies and a few even fully funded strips with the exploit before it was discovered.
  3. This explains why I couldn't exchange my tokens for 100 DM crests.... lol, figured just a bug.

    What was the glitch?
  4. Bought one million tokens and just start selling and rebuilding deepmine buildings. You could get roughly 20Q in an hour or so
  5. The funniest part will be all the statless accounts on the ally lb 
  6. Pwars were an exploit openly used by 99% of players. Nobody cried about it

    Fact is people are crying now because they didn’t get in on it

    Hell if anybody wants to argue that there are accounts with high stats that have no right being there because they didn’t work for it then same statement goes for everybody that’s ever brought nobs

    You kids and your crying brightened my day right up
  7. He’s right about the nobility! I’ve been playing for six years and worked hard! But someone with a lot of money is way higher then me because he purchased nobility!!
  8. Nope. Haven't bought plates in days, got banned. And yeah not super believable but its the truth, they did a blanket ban on a certain subset of players and apparently werent very picky
  9. In ATA's own words, "The art of war is the art of deception".
  10. I bought 1 thing of plates under the assumption that I was using trader tokens. The plates were removed and all is well. Those clearly not abusing it won't get in trouble
  11. We all know how the crestplate purchase works! We all know how many we can buy with tokens! We all know if you buy 1000s and sell the buildings and repeat and repeat and repeat and buy QS in allies we actually know it's wrong! If your that desperate to be big buy a dam account! Plenty of apps selling kaw accounts! But no you thought it was a good idea to CHEAT! if you get a perm ban then tough luck! If your lucky and they just roll back the stats then consider yourself dam lucky!!
  12. I guess I should probably post an update of what's going on. First things first, we can tell who actually bought the crestplate legitimately versus illegitimately. All players who bought the crestplates legitimately are fine, and no action has been taken against them. There was also a subset of players who illegitimately bought crestplates to see if the abuse existed, but then took no action with these crestplates (ie they're just sitting in their inventory). We have removed the amount of crestplates that these users have bought and no further action will be taken as nothing was gained from this.

    We are still in the process of dealing with other players who unfairly gained from this issue.
  13. Lol did you really just say “don’t cheat. Buy an account”
     that’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen today 
  14. Buying accounts is most definitely against the rules. As per the ToS:

    "A Thinking Ape does not recognize the transfer of Accounts. You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift, or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void and may result in the forfeiture of your Account."
  15. The buying and selling of kaw accounts happens! Every one knows that! My point was if your so desperate to have a big account instead of doing as many do an tap tap tap away buy one! And if that makes you feel good then cool! Yes am aware it's against tou but it still happens! The players who day in day out do the grind and grow and work dam hard at it are now dwarfed by guys who cheated! Put any spin you like on it ! I made a mistake! I didn't realise I didn't have 1q traders tokens! I didn't realise it was wrong to buy cp for nothing and dismantle building and get QS in gold to buy allies! Any spin you like! It's called cheating and they know it! All accounts found to have abused it should be perm ban! At the very least reset to zero stats !

  16.  Sounds interesting being that I'm 20 days old I wish I knew more about what has taken place in the past
  17. its not believable cos ur lying :lol:
  18. Even just using crestplates was a ban able offense. Thankfully devs figured that out even if a day late. as I said, not all were abusing just cuz devs banned acct.
  19. None of you would have been in such hurry to buy and convert em if you thought they were legit, lol.
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