Clarity over crestplate abuse

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  1. Most of us have been tapping away at kaw for many years! And know the pain of each tap! Then along comes a muck up by Devs and suddenly tiny accounts are now massive due to the crestplate scandal! Devs should be open and honest and as they find accounts who abused it they should be banned and a notice attached to banner explaining why they were banned ! I have seen some monumental screw ups by the Devs in my time but this one really does take the biscuit! Shame an name them
  2. Tatorzz explain how you went from 30mcs to 3b in one day? At only 12t a bargain
  3. lol bunch of statless accounts are like 4bcs now :lol: and ally market got flooded with an unknown anount of Q's
  4. The ATA team are working on a fix. I don't know the full depths of it but I know the accounts who abused it excessively are banned (temporary in most cases afaik) to help stop it. Those who haven't abused it but have plates from it I advise just don't use the plates at all in the meantime. It's easy for them to fix but the more you mess around with it the more guilty you'll look.

    The gold influx into the market is something that they'll have to discuss which is something they can fix I'm sure.
  5. A temp ban is not good enough! All accounts found guilty of this abuse should be banned permanently! Guys have played game the right way for years now find themselves dwarfed by new accounts! All those who abused it should be named and shamed
  6. Some bought plates by mistake, others clearly abused it. Those who just bought plates but didn't abuse it are not banned unless they bought excessive amounts afaik. Bans are temporary for investigation. I imagine some will be permanent but I don't know for sure. Give it a few hours as it's still early for ATA timezone. We'll know in a few hours I'm sure. If you didn't abuse it you'll be fine and if you bought them but didn't abuse it you'll be fine. Plates obtained this way will be reversed. The ally and gold issue is more in depth but it'll be sorted I'm sure
  7. ATA need to be clear on punishments for this! Just saying we will do this or that is clearly not good enough! Most can see who has abused it! Just look at prices compared to stats ! All suspicious accounts now need to be investigated and the outcome clearly announced
  8. You wouldn't be crying if you was in on the exploit.
  9. clown
  10. why cheat yourself! No tears here! Be true to yourself
  11. The whole situation is BS. I know people who bought crestplates at the time. Innocently. If you go to a store and buy what seems to be a severely under priced item, you pay for it then the deal is done. That constitutes a legal contract full stop. No abuse at all. ATA should have tested b4 release. Stop blaming players. I wish I'd been awake at the time. There is no comeback and no abuse
  12. a legal contract :lol:
  13. How’s this really any different than super stacked charms? Both exploits created by devs and exploited by players. Devs can find cheaters on this one and punish but not charms? Can reset accounts stats but only halfass fix charms? Puhleeze.
  14. Doesn't make sense to make that comparison, ATA doesn't handle their purchase glitches like that.
  15. I love this, the community going crazy over this exploit while many others over the years were thought of as totally acceptable

    Relax it’s just a game who cares if they cheat? Complaining and crying about what others do says more about you than them to be honest
  16. Cheaters on kaw. Water is wet
  17. Every players build is now under scrutiny! Did we cheat! Who cheated? Most who have got to a reasonable size have worked dam hard for it! And now thru abuse of a glitch players who have no right to be at there stats are! Kaw/Devs should suspend all suspicious accounts asap! Some say that it's no fault of the account! Everyone knows how many traders tokens they have! Everyone knows cp don't come free like that! I didn't know or I was confused don't really cut it! And before guys say tears or crying it's got dam well nothing to do with that! A cheat is a cheat!
  18. Honestly, this is really bad PR for ATA.

    It would be a much more professional course of action to roll back and refund all transactions that have occurred since, instead of BANNING players that pay to play the game.

    Yes, they abused a mechanic that they know they shouldn't have, but they should not be banned for a screw up on the devs behalf.

    I doubt they'll read this, but maybe some mod will and this could be forwarded or something. I dont care enough anymore to reach out to them and get a generic response.
  19. Here's the fix...

    Temp ban....investigate (aka do nothing)...give crystals / boxes out....reinstate ban accounts

    Happy KAW'ing 
  20. The last time there was a build abuse they banned all accounts who did it, didnt they?

    It was awhile ago and I forget the abuse, I do remember a good handful of accounts who abused it getting banned though.

    I think some appealed and got back but were almost reset for the abuse (gold, allies, etc dropped and zeroed and build to where prior to abuse.)
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