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  1. The deserter has the noob version of the guild not the upper levels.
  2. I left before I got approved by Tepo. And besides, Anyone could join omets back then.
  3. Obviously not anyone, or you would know that you were NOT a member until approved by TEPO. LOL
  4. Lol ️
    The deserters that did "join" were the same type of people on vals wall. Mith/glory hunters.
  5. just kidding about the cult thing btw ^ no offense meant

    I LOVE STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. !!STAR TREK!!
  8. Great Reading Indeed :) ,Support To Omets They are The Bunch that You dont want to mess with. ;)
  9. Please refrain from spamming our thread. Its an analogy no need to loose you marbles.
  10. BKT :D he is a noob what else can you expect from him?
  11. "Support to omets they are a bunch you don't want to mess with"
    Oh yah, your totally right.
    "BKT is a noob"
    Don't mess with us aye?
  12. Support. Always was interested in joining the OMETS but have yet to come across the opportunity.
  13. I always thought of Omelet when I seen OMET. But oh well. Much respect to the Omets.
  14. Support to the omelets!!!!
  15. Just joined an sadly have no idea of what I just read 