Clans / ebs

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  1. Hay all I send a ticket to the devs so we need your support

    Clans should be able to buy more slots of members..more the members eb time lower ...

    Clan loyal .. the more time spend on eb better drop rate rather then jumpers .

    Again hope u all support and if there any more better ideas please do post
  2. Let me see if I’m right cause I’m a tad confused. You say more members then the eb time is lower / quicker but then you state clan loyalty stating if the eb time is longer better drop rates.

    So I’m confused by which would you want? More members x’s the longer eb time for better drop rates.

  3. Support !clan loyalty is important no matter how long the ebs take , if the ebs are longer for better rewards so be it .:)
  4. Titan god..if the eb 12 hours and you got 100 members ...
    If you have 110 members the eb will be 11 hours...

    The one 1 ph2 ph3 ph4 ext....give more drop rate ..main bar will give less drop rate