Clan Whitelist

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Tetraspeerian, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Allows admins to Whitelist players to be able to freely join and leave the clan without having to apply and wait for an accept.
  2. Nice idea. It would be a great convenience to clan admins and members alike.
  3. Support i hate the waiting time to rejoin after indi wars
  4. Yes like this one. Wasn't this one of the proposed ideas in the clan revamp thread a player made?
  5. Good idea, would like to see this implemented
  6. And what about a black list?
  7. Actually, wow, good idea. Support.
  8. Support to President Tetra
  9. Would also love a black list or banning system for accounts. Name changes and moles get confusing, maybe it's a part of the whole war idea of the game but if there's a white list why not add a black list?
  10. Maybe make it to where you can only ban a player from in clan. This keeps all the fuss of keeping it a war game out of the way, but still serves as a way to keep players you don't want in clan out.
  11. Total support from me. We have several members that go help friends out from time to time or head out to war. It's hard to know when they'll be back. And with the new clan roles it's hard to make sure there will be at least one person able to accept members on at any given moment to let them back in. This will eliminate the worry of keeping them waiting at the door because there's no one on that's able to add them again.
  12. Support...maybe automatically given admin rank back as a well unless that rank slots are full of course
  13. I totally support this. We as an Unlock Team are in and out of our clan several times per day. I hate to make people wait at the door so this would be fantastic!
  14. We should also add a feature that automatically skims eb. That would make my life easier
  15. Support, great idea