Clan WC ads for personal ads

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by llllIlIl_SiriusBlack_llllIllIl, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Anyone else sick of seeing people use clan ads to promote their own personal ads - usually traders and sellers???
  2. Get over it. This isn’t forum post worthy.
  4. Seems like a valid complaint.
  5. Support . Worldchat is ruined with the massive adds pushing out everybody's conversation .it's almost impossible to talk in there without another add pasted and you lose most of the conversation .
  6. You can scroll... it takes a lot of stupidity to lose or forget the convo...
  7. They are ugly and too big .Adds are fine when we have to make them ourselves.But every time the massive adds get sent they make all the conversation jump out of sight.When a few massive adds get sent at the same time the conversation is completely erased
    .Scrolling doesnt work because most has gone off the page because of the stupid massive adds.
  8. If world chat had no ads it'd be dead and half the time you'd be able to scroll up like an hour before lol. If you have eyes you can keep a conversation in WC it's not hard.