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  1. We are in the midst of finalizing the clan wars design. We will be posting more information shortly, but stay tuned to this thread for the latest news. Please don't spam feedback, as it takes time away from us to work on the war system for everyone. :)
  2. We are currently working on multiple features including clan wars. Note that clan wars will run similarly to the clan war experiments, with each clan being able to be in a war with ONE other clan at a time, with wars lasting 2 days.
  3. Please see the updated FAQ page (under the clans & wars section) for details on how wars will work.
  4. We are still waiting for Apple to approve the new version. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience. Oh, and the date below is when we first came up with the game, not when we submitted the update. ;)
  5. It was just approved! It should be available in a few hours. Woohoo!
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  7. Is necrobumping bannable?
  8. Are the good times really over for good?
    Stop rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell.....
  9. KAW admin please remove forum perm banned of Twicc so will be more active in the game with this new war system.
  10. Back when devs cared
  11. Awesome! Glad to hear this! The war system could definitely use some improvements!

    Thank you for all your hard work devs!!
  12. Someone missed the dates on this thread
  13. Bruh u got my ass all excited
  14. This Admin Works Making Burritos at Subway Now, Says he Knows How To Build a Snow Man in Hoar Frost 
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  15. This slightly out of date 2010 we need to promote war more often
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