Clan War Ideas

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  1. So a friend and I recently went to see how we could get clan wars working again and realized the shortest war time available to us is 12 hours. Why don’t devs add in 1 hour, 2 hour, and 6 hour war times? We could actually make clan wars usable again, because let’s face it- no one has time for a 12 hour war let alone a 2 day war.

    Also, devs should give us the ability to choose between lowland, k/a, and Indi war while declaring the war. People wouldn’t have to wait for the wars they want if they could find others interested too. Although these wars wouldn’t give the rewards that scheduled wars do, many people who war do so because they enjoy warring, and the rewards are just icing.

    I can’t see this being very difficult to implement and don’t see any reason not to do so. Even if the wars gave 0 rewards I know there is still interest in the community for this to exist.

    Please devs
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  2. THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT IDEA. We could balance teams in a team Capitans sort of way where 2 people choose teams 1 player at a time so no one team is able to be overpowering. I fully support this idea.
  3. This is perfect should’ve included in op
  4. This could be a really good improvement!!
  5. Clan wars will be abussed dont put them again.
  6. I could be wrong but I believe player doesn’t mean EE clan wars, regular clan wars where you declare war on other clans is the topic of that suggestion which I agree with 10000000%
  7. A better idea would be clan wars as in clan vrs clan say 2 hours 4 hours rewards coould be event items same as event and include mith and war chests same as normal war, these could run all the time as clans declare war , would make it interesting jumping from war to war
  8. This is exactly what I mean. Thank you
  9. Good idea, clan wars need to come back to get rid of all these useless players just looking to get top 10... we need the real competiveness back
  10. That just means when no match ups occur that those seeking top 10 will create alts to ensure they remain in top 10.
    We already tried the clan wars approach and it doesn't work.
  11. Again, there wouldn’t be rewards for these wars.