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  1. This is not a thread to improve clans by giving a disbanded clan a refund. This is how people could exploit it and it shouldn't be implemented. The thing is, if you made a clan and then passed owner to your alt u can just keep disbanding clans and getting refunds on ur Alts. That's a form of transferring funds to Alts. I've seen so many threads about how this should bs implemented. It shouldn't because of this exploit . Then on the other hand you can make it so that the original owner got the refund if the clan is disbanded. That will also help for noobs that make clans and pass owner to a random person because they think they are helping them but really that person is a troll and wants to disband your clan. That's just my thoughts on the refunding clans you disband idea.
  2. Ty for your thoughts.

    No support.
  3. A for effort
  4. Agreed.
  5. Did you read about how people don't like wall of text either?
  6. If this is a wall of text, I don't know what to call what I've seen before :p
  7. After thoroughly reading your proposal, I've decided to support what you are saying. We do need to build a mall in the Borofan Plaza. It will be sustainable, and have a positive effect on the town economy.

    I support this thread.


  10. Only in Mother Russia
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  13. In Mother Russia, you don't refund clan...

    Clan refund YOU!
  15. i.. did any of yall... wha..?

    are we proposing a solution to prevent a conspiracy of conspirers conspiring an attempted hypothetical exploit of an improbable senerio of...foil.. hat pyrmi..

    George Clunny?
  16. How much is the clan refund going to be?
  17. So this thread is about not doing something that is already not in place. While we are at it I don't think refunds should be given for seals if somebody else (aside the sealer) hits item phases
  18. 12.5b
  19. 12.5? :lol: It will be the most efficient and cheapest way to transfer money to Alts in KaW history