Clan Owner Indi Sadness

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Corinthian, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. As a clan owner of an old and venerable clan, I'd really like to maybe repeal my ban on EE (haven't done system wars since the 2012 summer wars, which were right before EE replaced everything).

    However, my clan has few currently active members, and most are quietly active or unknowns. Nobody I can temporarily pass ownership securely to.

    I know, given the state of the clan, I can't do organized wars - we don't have the membership. However, we do have the Indi wars, which anyone can enter.

    Unfortunately, to join one, you must leave the clan you are currently in - which I cannot do.

    This, then, is my request - can we improve the Indi function for clan owners? Where they can opt in from their clan, have a generic 'Owner In War' message come up if the clan is otherwise full and someone tries to accept a new member (thinking there's space), and then have the owner forcibly returned to their clan once the war concludes (regardless of where ever they'd be)?

    I realize that's asking for a lot of special interest coding for an extreme minority. While I'm ok with my clan never being able to do the newer EBs, and weekend PVP is fun in itself at times, I do occasionally want to try new features.
    Putting this request on the forums to ask the community - does anyone else find themselves in any sort of predicaments like this? Is this a reasonable feature request? It seems so convoluted and back-burner worthy, but I have been surprised before.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    PS: The current idea does have holes, I admit. For instance, there would need to be a text box on the opt-in screen explaining the Owners don't have to leave clan. I should also clarify that while an owner is out - ownership obviously can't be passed. This was an impulse thread creation, so I'm sure I'll think about other factors as I go.
  2. An option would be to make an alt which can easily be made. I understand your point of view but I'm sure you have a friend in your clan that can help, maybe ask in cc and see if somebody talks even if they're all quiet as you say.
  3. Honestly Cor, two things.

    First, you're not off, this has been a long time coming, its definitely a "necessity" that's been ignored for way too long.

    So you have my support. I know way too many clan owners with the same issue, and even though I myself don't run one, I can feel your pain.

    Secondly, I'd like to join a dedicated EE clan if you do end up making one, let me know. I'd be more than happy to play the tanky support role.

    My end stats will lock @ +25M troop and spy defense. If a Turtle Supports what you need, let me know.
  4. The fact that this even has to be done to circumvent the constant waste of space that is ALL OF THAT, kind of proves its own point...
  5. @Koka, I definitely understand you have fair points.

    Towards alts, I come from an era where people didn't have alts. I mean, they did, but the loophole was their wife, son, daughter, and cousin living in the same house were all playing together. Botting was a huge issue. I have only briefly ever had an alt account - and that's right before I link a new device. It's personal preference from the old days when I was a moderator and I held myself to higher standards.

    Towards my clan, there are a few who talk. I'm not a quiet owner - I try to laud even my silent participants as I note them. There's a few bands of real life friends that use my clan as a safe home - but they don't talk too much in CC. I do have one hyper-active admin that I've trusted Armsmaster rights to in the past, but he's both currently out and not the personality I'd trust to run my clan (sorry, Burning Fighter Fighter). Still, it's a home, even if the membership isn't what it once was. I just need to be a better owner to revive it proper, and I spend more time on life these days.

    I do appreciate your helpful input, though.