Clan Loyalty

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  1. I don’t know if this has been discussed before but these are my thoughts ideas. I find myself jumping between clans in events and tend to go back to one towards the end but I wonder if there’s ever been ideas to implement a feature to improve clan loyalty?

    For example, every consecutive eb you complete with the clan you’re in, you get 1% plunder bonus. And this stacks up to say a 20% bonus for completing 20 ebs in a row promoting clan loyalty, which could in turn lead to a more warring aspect between clans again.

    Just a thought, would be great to hear what people think.
  2. If you have to reward clan loyalty is it true loyalty? The fact is for the most part loyalty on KaW does not exist. Most people look out for themselves first, which is understandable. You can only build real loyalty through friendships and trust.
  3. Participating in 20 Epic Battles without leaving or 20 in a row? God forbid you are in same clan whole time but do 18 EBs just to miss a EB and have it reset. I think it should be time based. +3% 24 hours (1 day) +5% 72 Hours (3 days) +10% (7 days) +15% (14 days) and 20% (30+ days). Now comes activity. Can you just park an account or have to do a daily check in to add 24 hours of time to an account. Say you Are on for 6 days, registered all 6 days, dont log back in for 4 days but never left clan. When you register again it should only register as 7 days of time, not 10?
  4. It’s interesting to me to see how the Kaw community reacts to certain issues. The philosophy seems to be to identify a problem and then try to correct such problem by offering perks and bonuses. This philosophy is problematic as it doesn’t address the cause of the issue. It’s like repeatedly replacing a car part that keeps breaking but ignoring what makes the part break to begin with.

    If this is a problem for some clans, then they should look within to determine how to A) attract active players and B) how to retain those players.

    I don’t think this is as big of a problem as it’s made out to be. The clan LB list doesn’t typically have extreme amounts of movement.

    If anything should be done by the devs, it should be to limit the number of clans available for purchase and then offer to buy back clans that are below a certain threshold.
  5. Just stop making it so easy to get the max rewards from an Eb.

    As it stands, you can get max rewards for 1 unload on an Eb, which promotes jumping.

    Instead, just scale it.

    So many actions in an eb, gets you a percentage of the max payout. The higher number of actions, the higher the payout.

    The people that did the bulk of the damage to an Eb, should be rewarded better than someone that just joined at the end.
  6. This aspect should visited by Devs.. support
  7. So bribery is the answer to clan loyalty ??
  8. To many, yes. I personally don't play this game enough to care about loyalty or bonuses. I don't even know what most of these features mean on here. I was just offering an opinion on the matter. We all know this game died in 2015.
  9. Rewards for clan loyalty. What a joke. Loyalty is an ethos which every member of a clan should feel. It is a sense of ownership of your clan no matter whether you're the Warlord or Recruit. It matters not if you get the latest events rewards,it is a sense of belonging that matters.
    I belong to one of Kaws oldest clans,Inglorious. We have been around since the dawn of Kaw and loyalty has been our password,bred into us by players such as Japie and Angie through Bo Cannon to the present day.
    Maybe that's why we have been around so long

  10. That's nice but not really the point of the post is it?
  11. Yes it is. Why do you need bribery to be loyal to a clan?
  12. Good question. Again, if you have to reward people to be loyal is that real loyalty?
  13. Imo, your not rewarding people TO be loyal your rewarding those FOR being loyal in a game that the events now more so encourage otherwise!