Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

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  1. Please read whole post. As long as you don't hit eb in another clan the bonus would still stand.
  2. I think people doing ll war use eb to sync
  3. Never gonna work. Devs don't give a damn
  4. Massive support for this! Staying loyal in a clan should definitely be rewarded. 
  5. Support but not sure how alot of players would feel about selecting a home clan.
    Could leave some smaller clans running GOTH & LOTL struggling to finish if bigger players left to go to clans that did faster Ebs.
    Not sure how you would enforce people warring going back to their home clans after the war. Would there be a time limit on how long you could be out of your clan post war?
  6. I am not sure if they could create a temp spell that you could purchase for stepping out to war. The ideas i suggested eas some time ago but new ideas are very welcome.
  7. Support.

    But if I’m reading and understanding this correct. The bonus is permanent with the clans the loyalty has been achieved with? So that means they could have multiple clans with plunder % bonuses? If so, they would build up at numerous clans and just jump between them.

    Again, if I misunderstood. Im sorry!
  8. Im pretty sure you did, bonus only builds up for the clan you are currently in
  9. So, it resets after exit?
  10. Correct i think
  11. Yes or drops a level but I made this post along time ago.

  12. So why not lock it or update your original post on where your idea is currently.
  13. Full support, should definitely reward those who are loyal.
  14. 7 days for 7.5% plunder, isn't that too much for such short time? 7 days is no loyalty. Also what if you hop out of the clan to help an ally clan would be a problem. What if you simply gain 0.1% each week you stay in that clan and you'll lose your bonus if you're not back within 24hrs. Maybe not just 0.1 a week. But imo 7 days is nothing to prove loyalty.

    **I don't know if this is already suggested I only read 1st page.