Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

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  1. I support the general idea

  2. Huh? There's no way I can war with my clan unless I want to use just my lowland buildings and try to outspamm the pc pros and hot bots. Return round or primal and ill never leave for an Indy again. Another dev idea that destroys loyalty, then you call the players unloyal. Facepalm
  3. The premise is sound so support

  4. If you leave for war and return without hitting an eb your bonus would remain.

  5. Was hoping devs would support it too bud.
  6. What if there was an integrated system with legends where you start with a plunder bonus at the beginning of an event, and then each time you leave a clan (or join a new clan AND hit the eb there, as has been suggested a lot here), it goes down by a certain percent. So maybe you start with 50%, hop to another clan and join the eb, and now you have 45%.
    Maybe earning a spell from warring gives back 5% -- so when you hop back inclan it effectively had no effect.

    Apologies if this has been said, but I've read the first half dozen pages and the last half dozen pages of the thread.

  7. 50% is a little high,even any percentage is high,imagine the screaming from the smalls say the GAP!!.But something along those lines is a good idea,% on increased drops over the max would work better.
  8. @ana the number was for the sake of a clear example, I don't have nearly enough deep mechanic info, or player movement info, to try and give perfectly accurate numbers.
  9. Probably suggested before....

    Install a clan meter that monitors activity.
    The higher the activity the higher a clan bonus
    Peak times will offer the highest bonus.
    The meter will not be based on a clans size of its kingdoms although top clans will still benefit on activity.
    In the end any clan can benefit.

  10. Interesting. However it may reward those that burn xtals that way?

  11. Except for the % I think that's a good idea.
  12. I like it ! Support
  13. first post in like 4 years wassup boys
  14. My only concern is leaving for individual wars.

  15. This has been answered. If you leave clan for war and return to home clan I'm sure devs could keep the bonus running.

    Thanks for all the support everyone
  16. Devs any chance of replying yet