Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Dave, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Rip me getting bloodrush as an admin in a hte/zta clan then?. Other than that! Support!
  2. that moment when 40% of the replies on a thread are "thank you"

    Support though.
  3. Rude not to reply.
  4. support but would be good imo to make it a larger bonus for lower stat players(say 100% max) & less for higher stats(say 10% max)...just to help wit the gap currently
  5. This idea was for the smaller players to get a fair amount of event items due to activity. It seems devs have over looked this post.
  6. I support. Tho I'm a clan hopper sometimes
  7. support, but what about if people need to leave clan to do indi wars?
  8. Then u r a hopper, not loyal to ur clan.
  9. It would still increase gaps without the bonus being different for bigs n smalls so therefore ineffectual at helping smalls...i'll point out too, many mmo's i've played allow smalls to grow much faster than bigs & bigs don't complain one iota...having competitive gameplay is far more important in the long run in those games than having an advantage over newer players/accts....ofc the bigs in kaw like to whine cos they like boring & uncompetitive gameplay on the most part but that's only cos the devs created a system like this long ago so haven't been retaining players who play for the competition....this game is simple as pie if u're a big & a spender so actually pointless imo.

  10. are u dumb?
  11. Clearly alot more intelligent than u. ppl leaving their perm clan just to do wars are hoppers. U can try to justify it how u like but it's bs u use an excuse to leave ur clan so u can recieve benefits or have fun for ur own gains, they don't run the wars u want so u ditch on them for certain time periods. this is y indi's came about...for hoppers, not loyalists...note the "Individual war" title, not the "clan war" title in the future n maybe u won't be so confused.
  12. Support. I'd like to see clan loyalty increase

  13. thank u for confirming ur negative IQ. Have a nice day!
  14. Some of the questions have already been answered in previous post. If you leave for indi war and don't hit an eb in any clans other than home systems forgets you even left. For example if I hit this eb go to war. Come back and hit eb again history does not know I left in first place.
  15. Thats a very logical idea. Not like some who call going to war hopping. FacePalm.

  16. Some people may not know that indi, wars are seperate from clans. I think the major point of this thread was to balance event items dropped through activity whilst staying in one clan rather than having to hop out. My alt only earns 40% of what my main earns. Yet my main can unload x 2 and get max drops. My alt can unload x 4 and get so much lower. I believe that devs could make a seperate roster for EE wars using home clans and running both eb and war at the same time. Just create a seperate war roster. However I suggested this and devs said thanks for the suggestion.