Clan loyalty plunder and Event Bonus!

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  1. Good day to the Kaw Community, This post will be short and sweet.

    After many years of playing KAW the new events have encouraged clan members to hop out for the odd eb. The simple fact is by jumping clans and catching the tail end of EB's is the best way to achieve our Event targets. this ends up with the rest of the clan working harder to finish eb.

    Its great to get help from people in ebs especially when some clans are struggling however to rely on help makes it tough to maintain clan stability and also slows down the organic growth of clans in kaw. When someone like myself could clan hop run 100% crux and one Xtal can achieve max event drops does not really seem fair when others smaller hit an EB more and make less for there troubles.

    My idea is Simple and I am sure with the Right support from our community and our devs could make a massive impact to clan loyalty.

    My Idea, Clan Plunder Bonus.

    7 Days in a Clan, Gives 7.5% Plunder Bonus EB & PVP . Also 7.5% Increase in Event drops
    14 Days in a Clan Gives you 15% Plunder Bonus EB & PVP . Also 15% Increase in Event drops
    28 Days in a clan Gives a Max of % 40 Plunder Bonus EB & PVP . Also 40% Increase in Event drops.

    If you leave Clan then hit another eb the your bonus resets to Zero. EE Warriors will keep there Bonus as long as they return to home clan.

    I would like to see everyone's suggestions and try to gain support so the devs could at least consider a clan loyalty bonus system. Thank you for taking your time to read this

  2. Any other suggestions? that maybe i missed? Thank you for your support
  3. Thank you.
  4. Numbers need to be tweaked, 40% is too much but I agree with the idea 100%
  5. % are way to high I don't see them giving us a 40% plunder bonus ever 
  6. Let's see what support we get. If enough people agree maybe devs would offer some thing in between. Let's face it new lands will be out soon devs would have a clearer vision but let's set our sights high.
  7. You don't ask you don't get. My figures are examples 28 days in a clan is a long time
  8. Support!

    Clan loyalty is like a Cheerleader Pyramid.. Guys looking up to gals.. supporting each other.. everyone happy.. ok I kinda lost the point I'm trying to make.. but support!

    The numbers you are suggesting won't kill trains though (not that everyone do/can afford trains).. as long as you know that aspect
  9. Support.

    Numbers need adjusting but the premise is something I've mentioned in the past. I love the idea.

  10. Thanks mate. Ofc people will still hop. Just good to have an incentive to remain home
  11. What do you suggest or wise elf?
  12. Never heard this idea until now. Certainly food for thoughts and definitely something that should be looked into by Devs.

    Back in the days Devs created clans, and later on ebs, to promote clan loyalty and teamwork between members. Sadly over the last few years and especially following the creation of events, loyalty have been diluted and it would be good if device can do something to try and help us bring it back.

  13. Thanks for your input mate. I'm sure devs could invest something in this.
  14. Cheers bud
  15. No they won't..! Not unless there's a chance for them to make more money 

  16. Some people only play because of the clan they belong to. More thriving clans will incourage more seals and circles plus battle cries
  17. Support,

    Though numbers should come down.

    Also number should change as per clan ranks as well..

    For eg
    in top 10 clans it should be 2%
    For clans 100-150 it should be 8%

    Bcoz most members in top clans are loyal as they do fast ebs..

    This should profit mostly for weaker clans.

    Also as you go down the clan roles % should increase as well..
    Eg armsmaster get 0.5%, soldiers get 0.9%
    And so on...