Clan Improvements (Tax System/Bank)

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  1. Hello. I bring this suggestion to you guys to make kaw a little more relatable to the name((kingdoms at war) kingdoms had a tax on its citizens). As well as a something for the lb people to spend their plunder on rather then allies. Also to help smaller clans grow quickly. My proposal is to make a system for clans to have money. By means of taxation(leader can set rate of tax)(up to a maximum of 10%) or donation(players donating money to the clan because they want to). This system would have a bank for the clan it self, and that is where all the money would go to. From the money gathered by the bank, leaders can buy certain things from a marketplace specifically made for the clan:
    -eb plunder bonus.
    -make avialable certain equipment that players can buy.
    -start certain ebs
    example: 1 eb that is only to be played on a
    certain day of the week and have 7 of these
    -other neat things.
    Could also have clans be able to buy other clans with the money they have in their bank, like the allie system but with clans. So yeah, this is my suggestion to make kaw better, please leave constructive criticism. Thank you.(sorry if i misspelled any word)

    -Clans would also be able to get money through events. Clans participating in events based on players participation, the more active the better the reward. Thus promoting activity in the game, as well as players who participated earn 50% of clan reward(distributed based on each players activity level).
    -This game mechanic would not only attrack new players, but bring a whole new side to the game making it more interesting/interactive rather then just putting out new lands and new buildings. Dont get me wrong I love this game, but the updates get a bit to repetative again and again(get land, put building then bc). Rather then just coming up with a new game mechanic, that is simple and interesting.
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    Something like this was suggested many many ages ago. And just like then, I support this idea
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    You misspelled anyword.. it's "any words"
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    thank you :)
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    It was suggested long ago. But,with the game growing might be a way Devs old look at it and maybe incorporate it into the game. Nice job storm. :)
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    just trying to bring new light to the topic, as the old forum thread can't be opened. and it is really hard to find :D
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  9. Sounds like a way forward for the game. May be able incorporate "funding" wars this way too to get more people to try doing them by using a clan chest of bought pots/mith etc. Good idea Stormī€Ž
  10. Sounds like the old English Feudal System. The King(Warlord) collects taxes from his subjects(clannies) He in turn uses the gold collected to buy admin roles for the clan, Seals,Horns,Aveum pieces, pots,Mith etc. a good King(Warlord) will grow the clan faster that way and encourage clan loyalty to return to the game again. A bad King will squander and waste it on himself lol.
    Enables people that can't afford to spend real $$ to grow faster and try to join wars . Helps reduce the over inflation of allies and excess gold out of the game. Give the BC accounts something to do with their gold as well besides Allie trading.
  11. it works in the benefit of everyone, while the devs still make a ton of money
  12. I fully support
  13. This is a really good idea. Full support. My only suggesti9n would be find a way to make it encourage system wars also. They're really fun, but sadly underused imo
  14. I'm not totally against it but a large aspect of this system is collecting money from your members to be able to start ebs and promotions where the members earn more money, pretty convoluted.

    As for BC players donating to the clan, the way this game is constructed right now, an incredible portion of LB and BC players are grouped in many of the same clans. It's a very top heavy state of affairs, not sure this would do anything but perpetuate the gap that already exists

    Tried to air on the more constructive side
  15. I wouldn't be a fan of the tax idea but I love the idea so I support having tax to benefit everyone.
  16. would like to point out that it is up to the discretion of the devs to implement what they like and how they want it to work.
  17. I haven't been active lately but I'll add to your idea. Unfortunately any of this kills small clans, but the more money invested in the clan results in a 1% plunder bonus. For every tier it adds and additional 1%. For instance starting at 1trillion, and for every tier it doubles the price.

    Ex. T1 = 1Trill
    T2 = 2Trill
    T3 = 4Trill
    T4 = 8 Trill

    This is just a spur of the moment idea, but since it's a clan thing there is cap limit a member can spend. That being the amount divided by 20. Did the math in my head so its probably wrong 50billion limit for tier one.
  18. There are some good ideas here, working on something around this right now, but of course I can't tell you what. :D