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  1. Can we get bonuses for staying in the same clan for a long period of time? Clan hopping is ruining KaW and the hoppers are getting pretty annoying. At least give some sort of incentive to players that are loyal to the same group of people? Not everyone jumps, skips, and hops all day.
  2. The main cause of hopping is events. It is pretty much necessary to hop if going for top positions such as 10, 50, and 100. People want the fastest eb times possible, which is reasonable. Even then people will still hop.

    Unless events are reconfigured then hopping won't stop even with clan bonuses.
  3. Yeah I get that people want to hop in order to get more event drops. That’s why I’m asking for an incentive for players who don’t want to hop. Maybe an event reward for completing so many consecutive EBs with the same clan? Just anything to bring back loyalty from player to player rather than only promoting loyalty from credit card to dev.
  4. If anything maybe a small plunder bonus? Like 1-5% ? (IF that) But I think loyalty should be based on like a month for being “fully” loyal (if not longer tbh).

    Saying that tho I’m kinda torn because Ive clan hopped like that before. It’s simply the best way to get event rewards. And you could also say clans should be more stingy on who they let in. If no clans let in hoppers then they’d be forced to make a clan themselves, or find a clan to stay in. Simple. But I’ve also been the guy sending out ads for peeps to come and help finish off a eb. It helps them get rewards, helps us finish this 25% goth in minutes instead of a couple hours. Win-win.

    Overall I think clans should just be more strict on who they let in if you don’t support clan hoppers. Because really why have a loyalty bonus? What if I go to my sub clan to help? Or even an alliance clan? Isn’t that more loyal than the guy who barely plays and sits in clan year round?
  5. Just disable join requests - simple. Some clans do this already. Also I suggest big accounts don’t help out these small stat clans on big EBs.
  6. The only people who would ever be against a loyalty bonus would be the hoppers. We already get a small stat boost from clans what's wrong with a loyalty bonus?
  7. I clan hop sometimes only when I'm dropping seal's or savings ebs. But I have a family please have a nice day.
  8. That’s a pretty straight forward statement. How is clan hopping ruining KaW?

    If you’re going to make this type of statement, at least give us some examples rather than a generic “I’m annoyed give me more free crap...”
  9. Ah asking for bribery again. There is now 2 threads for this.

  10. No, we don’t need anymore clan bonuses.

    Low effort, not enough detail in your concerns. Requesting this thread be locked due to low effort. Simple questions can be asked in Dillybar’s “Post Questions Here” thread located in active topics.
  11. Support, there needs to be more clan loyalty so that clans that are trying to grow can grow more efficiently
  12. Simmer down mini mod wanna be
  13. This is an old topic that has been mentioned before. But ofc its still valid and needs to be done. Im pretty sure it would improve kaw although it should have been done like 2-3 years ago when it has been asked for the first Time.
    Sorry but it is so easy to see that it should Not be necessary to explain that. If you have some experience in Clan-Management than you should know. Its so obvious...
    I think its legit to simple ask for this kind of improvement.
    Well you totally missed the Point and dont get what it is about. You Need pictures and unicorns to make a Statement valid and a question serious? Sorry but stupid answer!
  14. This has already been posted about three times already. Its down the list a bit.


    It’s only like 5 down. Can you people not read or at least look at the other threads before you bunk up the forums with the same low effort threads ??
  15. Your a complete moron....all you did is comment on everything with the same low effort as the op-ster. You didn’t elaborate on anything. Most of the noobs commenting in this thread don’t do any clan management. If you are so annoyed by the hoppers then you can request from the clan owner to be removed from admin.
    Half of the clans in kaw would fail if hoppers get shafted from their rewards. So I don’t think bunking up the servers with dead clans is the answer either. Judging by your half full clan and eb history you need those clan hoppers just like the rest of us. How’s about using your people skills, if you have any, recruit.
  16. After 5yrs+ I’ve come to the conclusion that most people on KaW don’t read even though they’re on an app where you have to read to know what’s going on.
  17. Exactly!!
  18. What I or anyone else have or haven’t done on kaw, in terms of clan management is irrelevant. If you’re that interested, check my achievements.

    You have expressed your opinion, which is fine, but you’ve been asked to provide examples that support it. If it’s so easy to see, you can explain in great detail why clan hopping is ruining kaw.

    I don’t believe clan loyalty can be or should be measured in the amount of time an account is active in a clan. The truest measure of loyalty is demonstrated during the most difficult times, times of OSW, failing ebs, internal strife.

    Why should someone be rewarded with more free crap simply because their account exists and they unload on an eb? At a certain point all the free stuff dilutes and cheapens the product. Xstals for example have become so abundant that a fairly competitive player really has no reason to purchase them. The value has been reduced.

    So again, if it’s so obvious explain why “clan hopping is ruining kaw.”
  19. You are the biggest moron of all tbh. You are pure low effort. Giving your 2 cents on every bloody thread when noone ever dials your number. Its legit to post topics again and again since nothing has been done about it yet.
    Clan hopping which -unfortunately-is necessary by Different reasons has definately lead actively and passively to the fall of many medium and small clans and therefore also for many players to quit the game. Many Players dont want to hop clans but stay in their homeclan. But they have no chance to reach higher event-tiers which leads to frustration and to quitting. Like it or dislike it but its a fact that those factors heavily lead to the quitting of many players. If you werent a noob i wouldnt have to explain this because actually it is obvious as i said before.
  20. Lmao ! What are you talking about ? If you think clan hoppers have ruined kaw then you probably should stop playing. Every clan is half full just like yours. If you want to be loyal to a clan then pick one that has been completing their ebs the fastest. Join and get your rewards. Recruit people to fill the clan. What you want to do won’t solve a damn thing. Just joining a clan gets the clan bonuses. It’s so easy to see yet you can’t figure it out.