Clan full rejection

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  1. We've all been there, waiting to get accepted into that last spot in a clan with 99 members, only to be beaten by another applicant.
    Now if the clan is full and we didn't check the roster we would never know that that last spot was taken.
    Why can't kaw just come up with an automatic kick, or drop from clan. I know there's a chance that the admin of the clan could be clearing out spots, but without checking cr we don't know if it's full or not, just dismiss us with a clan full like yiu would in a normal application, I'm sure the clan admin will get back to us, and we could use that precious time to actually chase other ebs.

  2. Support.

    After review and seeing the dropping. I don’t support...
  3. you want inacs to be automatically dropped from clans?
  4. Good idea until YOU are the one who filled 100th spot and is inactive. Because now you will be automatically removed. Ironic eh?
  5. No support
  6. No thanks
  7. Usless idea no support
  8. EYall cant critically ethunk.

    The epoint is that eyou can only eapply to one eclan at a time. So the better way to ehandle this eidea is to enotify the eplayer with an einbox emessage that the eclan that youve eapplied to has been efilled, letting you eknow to eapply eelsewhere for the time being.
  9. I think devs have more important things to solve than this at this point in time
  10. Admins should wall and reject once clan is full and no prospect of space - want folk to apply, so do the work in clan is my view.