Clan Events!

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  1. Setting this up seems possible with some stipulations. 100% support and Winstons questions are valid but all could be worked around. Great idea
  2. Full support. Anything to help fix the clan hoppers issue
  3. Support, I miss days I didn't need to hop to make highest event goals. If event item drops we're based on attack/ass/steal/scout accions and not on plunder or based on whichever eb is running it would eliminate need for people to hop clans to get items faster by doing unloads at end of ebs in different clans and instead they would sit in home clan and hit eba that might take longer to complete there.
  4. Support! As a matter of fact. Plunder wars had more clan collaboration then the way game works today.  hopefully game designers will take this seriously and make this game more clan oriented. Good ideas in this thread.
  5. How about increased bonuses of some sort for being in the same clan for consecutive EBs? I love the idea of being in a clan, but events as is require hopping to make quotas.
  6. Clan Loyalty would be great
  7. FFS the half page list got lost on posting - I give up
  8. Support. I’ve been a kaw player off and on for a while and this is my take on it. While people are always going to strive to be stronger personally the thing that really keeps people interested and gives them drive is the social aspect of the game. The clan function in this game is the keystone for long term investment, wether is it premium ebs or just free to play grinding. What use is getting to the top if there is no one to enjoy it with?

    I would estimate 2/3 of the still successful and active clans right now are clans frequently in osw of some sort due to the social development that comes with actively working towards a common goal with a clan full of people. Currently there is a huge gap between high rotating lb clans and the clans that now days rely on jumpers to shave off a couple hours on the higher ebs just so they can continue growing a little with their still remaining friends.

    Some clan events would definitely help bring back some more clan loyalty and growth.
  9. Well put
  10. No support, I like clan hopping for faster items
  11. That’s really the issue Waylon. I understand that clan hopping gives you more drops and that as the game stands at the moment it is the most effective strategy for growth.

    My issues:
    - there need to be clans to hop between in order for that to work
    - the admins and owners of those clans are disadvantaged by providing the “service” the hoppers need to succeed
    - KAW is built around clans, but none of the more recent developments reflect this

    The requests for clan events / rewards are a way to push the game balance back towards clans once more and recognise the effort that the stalwarts put in.

    Also the cohesion of the player base in the game has really been driven by the social and team work elements of good clans, I fear that the more the game is pushed further and further towards individuals the less likely it is to survive.
  12. I have a thread similar to this one, so let me help some.
    1. Pvp points earned while in clan counts to clan.
    2. War rewards ie prestige wars counts while in clan.
    3. Eb points must be in eb at end of eb to get points.
    4. Successful quest gain points for clan and person while in a clan.
    Note, you get credit for clan points in personal points if you leave clan say merc leaves after end of eb
  13. An idea. Rather than have clan events how about changing the way the clan bonus works.

    Currently as clans unlock epic battles they accrue a % bouns to Attack and Defence.

    My suggestion is 2 fold:

    1. Players only get to take advantage of these % increases after they have been in the can for a period of time, say 1 day.
    2. After having been in clan for a further period, say 1 week, the clan % bonus is also applied to increase the random drop chance for EQ and Crest-plates etc.

    Encourages Clan Loyalty, rewards the folk running clans for ppl to hop into etc.