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  1. Devs,

    Have you thought about clan events? Everything in KAW today is structured around individual. Which defeats the purpose of being in a clan (as much as we all do). So everyone keeps hopping from one clan to the other.

    How about you create event which rewards both for personal and clan achievements. EB’s and Wars It has to be structured in a fashion that people cannot hop once they activate the event to get clan awards.

    - Karam
  2. Support
  3. It would be interesting
  4. Agree Karam, When I saw team legend this event, I was hoping it was a clan challenge, so was a bit disappointed it wasnt. Although I do have to say devs been making great effort to keep the game evolving and fixing some of the issues. I still hope we can get some type of clan events and rewards along with some much needed and asked for clan enhancements that will help keep clans functioning well and keeping clans relevant!
  5. Support:)
  6. Full support
  7. I do support this, but I’m curious on how it could work for everyone. Some clans are bigger than others, obviously ;) How could they make an event that any clan could still thrive in. I’m just curious and not hating in anyway. Any thoughts would be nice!
  8. Support. I may become highly active again if this happens. Bored with the current status quo
  9. Support: would be cool to have separate legend like glaive vs broadsword but instead there are several tiers of rewards and all clans participate to see who collects the most
  10. The way it will work is similar to how it works for personal level... where based on levels you complete you will get reward. Then there will also be top10/50/100 rewards for clan and personal achievements. so even if you are not in top clan rank for event you still get rewards. The clan rewards have to be bigger than it personal rewards.
  11. We have definitely considered this, although there are some issues with clan hopping that can change things:
    • Is the clan's score a combination of everyone in the clans personal amounts, if so, players could just join clans at the last minute to disrupt the LB.
    • Do clans themselves earn points? This would prevent the previous issue, but if players joined at the last minute would they get rewards? In that case, clans could "sell" rewards.
    • What happens for clans that offer premium passes for a short period of time to players? It wouldn't be as valuable to those players to participate earlier on unless they planned on staying for the entirety of the event.
    • Should there be a minimum personal # of required items in order to qualify for rewards? If not, clans could just fill their extra spots with alts to gain extra rewards.
    • How would prizes actually get distributed - to each player in the clan evenly, to each player in the clan based on individual activity, to the clan leader to distribute as they see fit (note: some items aren't tradable which further complicates this)

    There's lots to consider :D
  12. Thanks for looking into this suggestion...

    responses in no particular order

    1. You get clan rewards you have to be part of the clan when event/legend gets announced. If you hop after event/legend announced you get zero clan reward. You do not get reward in new clan you join/ neither your actions count towards their clan achievement.
    2. Clans spirit will motivate people to do premium eb’s within clan. Plus personal rewards motivation in addition to clan reward will continue. Some mergers will happen but eventually it will evenout the playing field.
    3. The clan rewards will go to everyone. Personal rewards will go to individual. So to be clear there will be clan legend and personal legend. Do note that if someone is not participating enough they will get less individual award and clan will either carry their weight or eventually kick them.
  13. I think atm you could do clan events as mini legend clan challenges (lasting 2-3 days or so), one way that could look is this:

    15 day Main legend event starts

    The clan mini challenge would appear in legend for the member of the clan once the member had participated x# (say 1000) hits on ebs in that clan once event starts. That member would still have to open challenge to participate in it once available. So someone not wanting to participate in that clans challenge just wouldnt open it.

    They would then receive or donate items as a clan to complete challenge. So all members in the clan participating in that mini challenge till complete would receive rewards. I think any participation to completion should receive the rewards, if they arent carrying their weight will be upto clan owner(s) to kick.

    If someone joins challenge but leaves clan before challenge is complete they will forfeit their reward, and end then their participation in that clans challenge. However, if they joined another clan or rejoined clan they were in they would again have to make x# hits on ebs in that clan, then they could join, or rejoin, in their clan challenge if they get the addequet amount of hits for thats clans mini challenge to be available to them.

    Once member is participating in challenge there needs to be something showing they have opened and actively participating, so they wouldnt be kicked from clan causing them to forfeit and end their participation in that challenge. ( Again it would be to the clan owners to kick if member is not being active in participating.)

    There would be multiple clan mini challenges available throughout the event, each one having to have had x# hits on ebs in that clan before available to the member. If they dont leave clan in between clan challenges then they would obviously have the x# hits to begin next new mini challenge as soon as available to open, otherwise they would have to get the x# hits on ebs in that clan before next clan challenge will be available for that member to open.

    Spacing these mini events throughout the main event would allow for the in between time if those that warred, did pvp weekend events, or even those participating in the premium eb clans, particularly on the weekends.

    So obviously wouldnt take out all hopping, but would encourage clan loyalty to a degree, as it could help discourage hopping every eb.

    Could possibly have a overall clan mini event LB as well, which would allow for extra rewards to top participating clans.

    Anyways, thats my thoughts, hope it makes sense! :)
  14. I wonder what the coding would look like for this
  15. Devs, it will be great if you guys follow through. Happy to help create a good clan entire clan is eager to see movement in this direction.
  16. Support as this event definitely dont encourage clan loyalty, unless alot in clans plan to spend on seals or circles to meet goals, to make 75 ebs this far in event is impossible for most bigger clans running goth/noth rotations, so only encourages hopping out to go hit small eb like warbeast, which is not visible to run in bigger clans as not more than a few actually get hits in. Plus looks like main event goals raised again which also either encourages spending on premium ebs or hopping for a majority of clans.

    Hope devs consider some event that would encourage clan loyalty instead of the opposite!
  17. Please do clan events!