clan Event Idea

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by IronOrchid, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. How about having a clan actions leaderboard that runs for the duration of each event cycle.

    This leaderboard would be individual to each clan and rank each clan member by number of actions. (By action I mean Att/Ass an EB or any PvP hit adds 1 point to the clan members score.)

    A clan members score is set to zero if they leave the clan (except for war).

    At the end of the event the top 25 get rewards be that tokens or gold bars. Reward could be linked to gold earnt by clan over event.

    If rewards set at right levels may give players an incentive to stay in clan rather than hop.
  2. How would they differentiate between players leaving for war and players hopping? Would you have to leave at a certain time and be back in your “home” clan a certain amount after the war. Seems like a lot of problems can arise.

    And that’s not even mentioning the issue of how many people don’t have “home clans”, and how many clans rely on big hitters hopping in to help with Main Bar and unlocks and such.
  3. Or they could make crest plates drop only for those who were in the clan at the start of the eb. Much simpler
  4. No support
  5. Agree idea isn’t perfect, however I’ve been asking for clan loyalty events for a while and something like this seemed like a solution.

    Re war - the system knows you’ve left a clan and if you have cast for war so as long as you leave then cast and return afterwards without joining another clan first it should be trackable.
  6. Not suggesting that this changes life for the players that hop - they get the huge advantage of increased crest plate drops. The clan event would be a way to push the balance back towards clans a little so that the folk that run the clans needed for the hoppers to hop to are not as disadvantaged as they are currently.