Clan Enhancement/Loyality Ideas

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  1. Looks like original post fixed now, ty! Still would like to know if any clan enhancements will be implemented in the near future?
  2. I would love to see more clan loyalty. Quite tough tho when legends and plate drops are gained faster by jumping clans.
  3. Agree Dave, unless they implemented some legends to promote clan loyality somehow, or gave higher rate drops to those in a clan for longer periods.

    But really clan adminship enhancements would help the whole community even those hopping around, imo! Keeping a well ran clan, being able to maintain mcs requirements and keeping up with members activity would keep things running smoothly for all!
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  4. Very well thought out!!

    I especially like the idea of Admin being able to see the last time some one was online as well as Admin Chat!
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  5. I like the idea of a clan banner. One that can be designed by admins of the clan but only the Warlord can submit. I feel like that would have to be a banner that can only be active while your in your home clan

    I would like to see a new tier of ebs released though to help promote loyalty. I think having one eb of each legend item-type with item phases and action-specific bars (i.e assas only, attack only, etc) for the first two of the tier then an eb that grants both types would wor . To keep the both types f2p while not making it broken i feel can be solved by making it give a little higher amount of items than the rest but also make every bar regen a certain amount per 5 minutes, including main bar. This, to me, would help promote loyalty by making hoppers not necessarily want to hop around for lb as every bar regens and they may stick to a home clan

    Just my thoughts though
  6. Another things that help clan royalty would be clan leaderboards like most & least active member & admin, highest actions in a day, week & month, members with highest time spent in a clan, some side legends like 25 eb in same clan (i know here people can make new clan to do 25 warbeast but lets hope), increase plunder bonus day by day in same clan etc.
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  7. Just and Idea to promote clan loyalty. Thoughts on a Scragg Blood Rains that gives like 20% bonus that lasts 48hrs so long you remain in that clan. Goes away as soon as you leave clan completed in (*clan loyalty).
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  8. Perhaps a system where members who are in a clan during all phases of an eb get a considerable bonus (at the end of the eb) . Members who were not get the standard drops.
  9. You have come up with some really good ideas there that the Devs should definitely consider implementing. Most clans state that seals dropped should be used in that clan and I think you could have an add on to your idea in that they are ‘locked’ for the person they are dropped for and still kept in the clan ‘vault’. Clans definitely need more incentives for loyal members. And being able to see last login is good as activity is what makes the EBs fast.
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  10. I think a great idea is we should have the option to put min stat requests in on join requests that would make things a lot quicker on accepting members. If its not already been mentioned.
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  11. As an admin myself I would love to see their last login and the total actions per week to determine who to get booted when clan needed space.
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  12. This would be great,I know I've seen it on other games as well!! 💙