Clan Enhancement/Loyality Ideas

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  1. And since this thread has been some what implemented than I would suggest a lock at this point as per RoC. You can go back on all up to date threads and see what and why mods lock threads. The devs have answered you and now it needs Locked.
  2. Thank you Anony, of course as Ive stated if you have any other clan enhancement ideas or clan loyality ideas plz feel free to post them! :)

  3. I support this statement
  4. Support, except the bit on the seals/horn drops. I feel it was dropped to that person, they can use wherever they please.
  5. Support except point 5 because merc clans will suffer as a result (although I guess people can just opt not to help out?)
  6. I think what this was supposed to mean is that instead of giving the drops to a person, it is dropped to the clan so there’s no longer a need to support freedom of choice since there’s one person that the drop will belong to
  7. Hi Fairy, I see what your saying, and I personally think random drops of seals, horns, compasses, from ebs would be good to goto clan, as it does take clan effort to complete ebs and could be a good reward at times for that effort. Even maybe have random drops goto individuals sometimes and sometimes to the clan vault might be a viable option as well.

    Hiya coz, Ive seen others with that thought. Although, personally I think clans should consider better what ebs they can handle and if so they would not need mercs. However, that not always being the case, I assume those that hop to merc or to get event rewards lb and such would probably still happen as their purpose for merc'ing is to help and hopping for event rewards. I dont necessarily see it as pentilizing those that merc or hop, but more rewarding those that choose to stay loyal to their clan, because reality is hopping around has its benefits in event rewards already and is why so many do so for different reasons.

    But ty both for support!
  8. Support,
    However I feel all you have addressed here is to improve the gaming experience of ppl who are already playing

    What devs needs to address more is to create opportunities for new player base, control exploits, and improve gaming experience of wars first
  9. The easiest fix would be larger event drops on EBs based purely on # of hits per EB.

    Double the current cap and make it so 3 or 4 unloads doesn't equal 1 max build unload.

    The reason ton of people clan hop currently is solely for events. So instead of having it plunder based make it action based.
  10. I could see how that may could help, although, I wouldnt want it so someone had to use crystals to get max event items every eb. Idk could be a tricky thing finding the balance in that how many unloads would be required and all potentially! Still dont know if those looking to make top lb would stay in a clan though, but would probably change it for some Im sure. And mercs hop to help other clans so still think they would hop around as well!
  11. Hello, Stacy_P! Could you kindly conjure up an example of a clan-based event? That all members would come to work together as one team to accomplish a team goal? I'm interested to see how creative you are on detailing this point of idea!
  12. Hiya Sean, this idea was not necessarily my idea (as stated on the original post these are ideas I've seen suggested or asked for myself over the years), but I'll be glad to ponder it a bit and see if I can come up with some ways of implementing it.

    One way could be a item that drops to clan in legends (kinda like individual item drops) in which rewards tiers in clan based items or perhaps limited percentage bonuses, if had clan vault it could even drop other items into vault that could be only used in clan as well. Thats just off the cuff thinking, but would be interesting to hear other ideas potentially on this. I'll ponder alittle more though Sean! :)
  13. Found this Sean as a potential way a clan event could be implemented, still pondering myself but thought I would look up to find some of the ideas I had seen on this before!
  14. Further to clan loyalty theme maybe a clan banner depicting art or themed around your own clan , this banner will be upgraded to reflect the clan bonus, maybe a hard job for the Devs with so many clans but maybe the top 100 clan, thoughts ?
  15. I think that would be a great idea, maybe if couldnt reflect every clan could have choices of banners kinda like the do for the individual banners (avatars) that clan can chose from, and then build stats like you said with clan bonuses, or could maybe allow for devs to throw in some clan legends that would give clan bonuses stats threw the banners as well!?

    I will add this to original post!
  16. Another thing that someone else mentioned as far as clan enhancements, is that the warlord/war chiefs could set mcs for clan so that any under the set mcs for clan couldnt even apply. Ive seen this on another game, and if they needed to let in someone of lower stats the upper admins could lower the set mcs so that they could let in someone under, then of course raise back up. This would make so the clan could keep to the cs desired of guest!
  17. Whatever it takes for admin not to put any effort. why not just do away with admins and just have settings with an unlocked door. Then set a eb rotation bot to start ebs. Then have an action counter set. If don’t meet the action reqs that is set then the clan bot auto kicks you. Plus I think that whatever the eb drop automatically goes to the clan owner. Since owner paid for the clan. Plus make it that only clan owners can only do gifting so that they can gift their members in order to keep them loyal the the clan....hmmmmmm sounds good
  18. Lol Domo your so salty its actually become funny. :lol: Btw, what happened to the "Im just not going to comment on their post anymore"? Just cant resist I see! But as far as your comment, what your suggesting would be against TOU as botting is against the rules, and the suggestion above that your referring to in no way makes it so you dont need admins, just would stop unnecessary join request! Thank you for your post though!! :)
  19. Ok first the Original post of this thread is now all wonky since revamp of forums, so hopefully devs can fix that, otherwise no need for post to be here as it no longer makes sense.

    But I would like to again ask if any clan enhancements will be implemented in the near future? 2 particularly Id really like to see and think will benefit the kaw community greatly would be:

    1. The admin that accepts a join request also listed in the newsfeed post thats already given? It is very frustrating when under mcs accts are accepted and of course its rare that a admin admit to it. I think usually its just lack of checking stats but nevertheless, we as clan owners can enhance our admin team by being able to address this issue. If admins know it will show who let in they also would be more inclined to follow mcs requirements.

    2. Activity of members. I agree this should not be shown to everyone, but it would be greatly helpful if the admins that can remove members (Warlord, Warchiefs, chargehands) would be able to see atleast the last time a clan member logs in. With all the different timeszones it can be really hard to keep up with activity of a clan member in a clan with a consistant clan roaster of 90-100.

    So please consider enhancing adminship roles, most of us have life outside of kaw but want to be apart of a successful clan, which also benefits those that hop around to clans as well, so really its a win win for whole community.

    Thank you, and plz let me know if yall are looking to implement anything in the near future?
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  20. Support! Support! Support!
    Make it happen, devs.
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