Clan Enhancement/Loyality Ideas

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  1. Lmao..... War game and fixing!!!! Delete KAW and play other game! 100% fix 
  2. So, some clans actually force you to have a certain number of accepts/rejects? Lol, remind me to stay away from those clans. 
  3. Nice Titan, was hoping someone would expound on that idea! Look forward to reading it! :)
  4. Thanks Titan, I added your thread link to main post under clan equipment, I think is great idea, thanks for expounding on it! :)
  5. Hey idk if this belongs here but I made a post a while back that integrates furnishing into a new form of combat that revamps the interest in war. It includes certain spells and such paid for by an alternative currency... It involves "spell links" that promotes loyalty and turns osw into an actual war with different combinations of forces (loyalty because combinations of spells are being cast with members to aid in war)
    Instead of admin room since ss r often needed so you need line how about a squad room you can only have say 2 at a time but you can work closer with your team.
  6. That sounds interesting chad, would the spells only work for say osw/pvp/war or would any spells help with anything pve? Can you elaborate a bit more on this though or put link to your thread if you already did in it, would love to read more!

    As far as admin chat, I still think it would help keep more of the admin business in kaw, although I see what your saying as far as SS's and all.
  7. I like all these ideas, support
  8. Ty Authority, would love to see some more of them implemented! Some have been requested for long time by many different people! :)
  9. Support, maybe events to support clan loyality would be good.
  10. NO SUPPORT ...zilch, nada, none
  11. by 4 people

  12. 5 year statless alt here...

    4 people who don’t spend money either & noones ever heard of ...authority? never heard of her before 

    Never heard of OP before a few weeks ago 
  13. To be fair i remember some of these ideas like admin chat and clan wall messages being talked about several years ago
  14. No Support. Loyalty comes down to its clan members and no incentive should be needed. We at Inglorious have a hardcore loyal membership which stick together through thick and thin, and that is why we have been around so long (we are probably one of kaws longest running clans). We don't hop clans for items (though guests are welcome) the clan and its members come first. That my friends is what loyalty is all about
  15. Amen. You don’t need added roles and incentives to fill a clan and keep members. It’s counter productive. What happens when those incentives get boring to those players that joined for those incentives? Lazy clan admin asks for more incentives?? Kinda sounds like socialism.
  16. Thank you Amberle, I like this idea as well!
  17. Hi LordoftheNorthLands, the content of this thread was not for Clan Loyality alone also Clan Enhancements, which Im sure any clan leaders have some in mind they would like to see.

    As far as the no support of Clan Loyality incentives you spoke of, I do agree, clan loyality does come down to its members and leadership. Im thankful Excel has been around for 5 years+ now as well, and has awesome members and leadership teams. But you have to admit kaw is different then it was 5 years ago, and the addition of promos, events, and even premium ebs in a sense supports the hopping and for someone not to stay loyal to one clan. So although I dont think incentivies should be the premises of members staying in a home clan, I think supporting the clan structure and loyality of those that do stay, some even sacrificing maybe growth and or rewards for doing so, would be great. Honestly this is probably needed more so for younger clans that are just starting and building during this era of events and premium ebs. I know last year starting sub clan, was a bit tedious, and thankfully we had the support of our main clan, but clans that dont it can be quite daunting Im sure.
  18. Yes most these ideas were mentioned in the past within many years, some by many, on many different threads. I merely wanted to put these ideas in a single thread to be expounded on or the opportunity for other ideas to be given. In hopes the developers would be able to see in one location and can work through and/or with to benefit the clan structures and kaw community.
  19. Yeah I disagree with everything you have just said stacy. I’ve been active in forums for 6+ years and there was never any mention of clan chats, members incentives, added roles, clan enhancements, and more tattling newsfeed. If these “ideas” have been mentioned SOOOO much for many many many years then there should be a thread about these so called community wants and if so then this thread needs to be merged with that past thread. Because forum rules says so.

    And another thing.... the support you are getting for these craptastic ideas is from people that do not hold any admin responsibilities. So when you say the majority of clans have been wanting these ideas you are over exaggerating. There were only 3 admins besides you that have shown support. That isn’t the majority of kaw admins. Get some real support instead of clan jumpers that really don’t care or just quit lying about the facts and numbers.