Clan Enhancement/Loyality Ideas

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  1. Stacy it’s one time to pay 20 nobs. It’s not only owner burden to buy them. I believe many clan members will help buy 1 or two roles. This will not affect many clans. Most clans are okay of what roles they have now. It’s for clan improvement far worth spending.
  2. I would hate more notifications regarding clan events and news. We get enough. Horrible idea. My phone goes off enough with our current notifications, even with most turned off. I support Domo’s no support.
  3. Yes of course kill osw and Nk clans/ trains to make devs lose thousands of dollars well thought out to further kill the game
  4. It’s cute that you think in terms of “thousands of dollars”. They definitely make 6 figures easily. 
  5. Why does it matter who lets in or rejects ?
  6. Some of the reasons I find are this:

    If below mcs people are being let in, as it is right now you basically have to address this issue by generally addressing all admins or in cc which can come across rude to the guest let in, if you knew which admin let in the below mcs guest you could speak with them directly on it in pm.

    Also, if you see you have recruiters that are never accepting/rejecting join request for what ever reason again you could speak to the person directly to decide if they need to be in that position, if they could be more helpful in another position, or maybe rl has become busy and they prefer not to be in any position. With limitations on how many can be in each position, making sure you are utilizing the position is most helpful to clan.

    This would also be helpful, if you see someone is very helpful, in deciding who to promote to a higher position when available.

    Lastly, it would just simply hold each admin accountable, sometimes it gets easy when your in a hurry, busy in rl, not to check a guest cs at door, and someone would be less likely to do this if they know all admins that can see join request can see who let in.

    These are some reasons that I find it would matter in a well established clan, newer clans have other reasons as typically your putting people you dont really know well yet in positions that can help.
  7. So you want micro management. I’d say that most of the community gets micro managed in rl, you play games as a release from rl. Not a reminder of their daily micro managed office settings.

    No support

  8. You hating on every freakin idea reminds me of work.
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  10. Again Domo, talk to your clan leaders or other successful clan leaders, this idea has not just been requested by myself but others and would benefit clan management. You can try to throw your negative spin on anything I listed, but again the point of this thread is to allow others with ideas to either expound on how some of the ideas that have been requested or suggested in the past could help clans and clan management (ie. Clan Enhancements)and/or promoting clan loyality OR to post ideas that they may have that are not listed.

    So again, if you have any ideas about the topics at hand you think would benefit the kaw community please feel free to post them.
  11. Im not sure what notifications your refering to, what Domo was refering to was in Clan Enhancements: Idea 1. Admins that can accept or reject join request, that the joined newsfeed post would include the admin that accepted or rejected the request. Which Ive explained would not add any new notifications.

    If your talking about Clan Loyality: Idea 4. Clan based events and having notifications if there were clan based events added, I wouldnt see a reason for that to be the case as it could be apart of Legends which dont give notifications out side of Legends as far as I can tell, and if you didnt want to participate Im sure you could just not participate as with any other Legend events!

    But if you have any Clan Enhancement and/or promoting Clan Loyality ideas or want to expound on any ideas that have been listed already of how they could benefit and/or be implemented, plz feel free to post here, as stated in original post that is the purpose of this thread!
  12. This just tells me that you’re a lazy admin and don’t want to click an extra button to check CS if you are acting this way. If a clan advertises for a minimum CS, that’s what it is and if you’re going to try and enter and get accepted, great. But to say something in clan chat about it isn’t rude because that person knew they were under the requirement. Kick them immediately.

    Furthermore, you run your clan the way you want, let others do the same. The current aspects of clans are fine the way they are. We don’t need more notifications, we don’t need logs, we don’t need an activity checker, we don’t need loyalty enhancements or more handouts. What we need is determined and active admins to check all these things. Making the job less of a job will not weed out good admins from bad. It will do the exact opposite.

    A bank would be nice to help some of the smalls, if you’ve got smalls, but to suggest that premium drops go to the clan instead of the player is ridiculous. Those are the players items, not the clan. They can use it where they want to. These clan rules about using a premium drop in that clan are ridiculous to even suggest because it wasn’t the clan that dropped it, the epic battle did; and if you received a drop, it’s because you were active in that epic battle.

    Expanding on the clan bank, I believe we had discussed this in minute detail on my other thread, but again, it’s a good idea and would help smaller players. I think that anyone who puts gold into that bank can take out only what they’ve put in unless it’s allocated by the owner. To avoid abuse by owners, let there be a limit to how many times you can withdraw from the bank per day and disallowing any full withdrawals of bank funds to one person. The bank can have an interest that it grows as well, to help with larger spending.
  13. So the people who spend money on seals and crystal are guaranteed to get drops ?
    Correct ?
  14. Support
  15. No matter the reason the admin let the under mcs guest in, knowing what admin did so would allow to being able to address it with that admin! As far as kicking, you are not always on to do so immediately, so taking measures to not be put in the situation is best, plus depending on reason the person was let in it may not be called for kicking, maybe the guest got a pass from another leader that your not aware of so again knowing what admin helps with admin management and communication!

    Of course we will run our clan how we want, dont mean things cant be done to help in doing so, and if some of these ideas were implemented doesnt mean a clan leader(s) has to utilize these tools, and why wouldnt leaders want to promote more loyality?

    You can have determined active admins but that dont mean their whole life is spent on kaw, as great as it is. People have rl, family's, jobs, possibly school(since,its a 9+ game), ect., so things that can make admining easier and more productive during the time we are on is definitely welcomed by me! Does not mean I feel our admins are slack in anyway, but kaw is a game and there are things that take priorty.

    Guess all have their own opinion about premium items or compasses being dropped to person or clan vault. There can be arguments to support both ways, I know for compasses particularly would be much easier running the zoma eb if didnt have to try and line up active compass holder when eb starting all the time, much easier if you had option of multiple admins being on to use compass when needed. Plus there could be other uses for vault if people wanted to contribute premium items to save up for clan premium day, if wanted to have in clan game rewards, ex: we used to play jeopardy at our clan, so someone could put seal, circles in for the winner.

    Thank you for expanding on this idea. I'm not as familiar with this idea and how exactly it would work, but think could be potentially helpful to clans. Also if developers took off limitations of clan role positions it could be a place you could pull out of to open more positions possibly! All aspects of it are worth considering and hope others as well will expand on how having clan banks could be implemented and helpful to clans!
  16. Yeah if this reminds you of rl work then wait until her crap gets implemented.

    Here is a new idea.......lordsaven

    Say yo are a ad posting sob. The applicants are going “BING BING BING BING” at the door. You can’t get there but maybe 1 out 10 to accept. Some eager beaver dude with the fat fingers letting them all in. Then you’re asked to “admin chat” to go over your production numbers, because the over achiever higher up thinks you suck at getting your job done. Or wait you just can’t get there because your meetings keep running late. So some ass hat in “admin chat” is telling you how you have to manage your kaw time and what you need to do to get your accept/reject numbers up/down. Not to mention that she wants to see you login.
    That’s called micromanagement. People generally try to get away from rl as much as possible in kaw. But I find it interesting that you going go off topic whining about me.
    I give no support for this.

    Next great idea is........

    You spend your money buying nob and crystal packs in order to flash grow. People do that. They bounce a bit from clan to clan completing their legends, but the clan gets your rewards that you paid for to contribute to finishing an eb for a clan that probably wouldn’t have finished it in the first place. I mean look around most of the name brand clans aren’t able to finish top tier ebs because half the roster is inactive. It’s all about the money. You want to cut the spenders at the knees by not rewarding the due prizes, but it should go with the clan. Be careful you will be called into “admin chat” for letting a clan jumper in.
    I give no support on this also.

    I say it again. Kaw has more to fix than dumping more “new” ideas for lazy clan owners. Also we don’t need an equal rewards payout for clans, especially when you are calling those guys in to help finish.

    I find it really funny now as think of it more that the last thread Stacy did I got targeted extremely quick. Eagle in Bella thread just said that bans come when you go way off topic. You seem to have done’re safe....your name isn’t Domo.
  17. There are less then a1000 paying players left! You must be desperate to keep this game alive. There are 99
    Games cheeper and better running war games out there 
  18. Stacy,

    I’ll be posting soon on the clan equipment which is actually what I call the clan armory. It’ll be pretty long so hope it all fits lol looking to add this tonight after War with most of the information that pertains to it.
  19. Hey TG. How’s about working on a new idea of fixing the war system? I think you would have some valid points to introduce.