Clan Enhancement/Loyality Ideas

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  1. Ok so wanted to make a thread that would give people opportunity to put out here any ideas they may have that would help improve how the clans are ran, ie. Clan Enhancements, and/or ways that Kaw could help promote Clan Loyality, as we know different things through the kaw years have caused clans to have less loyality. So below I will list some ideas that Ive seen on both topics, again the idea of this thread is to get the ideas, from the kaw community, in these areas out on forums in one place so the developers can see them and potentially implement any they see that could be a benefit.

    Clan Enhancements

    1. Admins that can accept or reject join request, that the joined newsfeed post would include the admin that accepted or rejected the request. Ex: X has been accepted to join clan by Y.

    2. That Warlords and Warchiefs, would be able to see activity of clan members. Ex: clan roaster could show Battles Won's or last login(I personally like the last login idea).

    3. That there could be a clan notification or wall post by Warlord or Warchiefs, but so this could not be abused, only one clan notification/wall post per 24 hours. Clan Announcements do kinda function in this manner! However, being able to do a group wallpost could be beneficial as well.

    4. A admin chat room, possibly replacing the allie chat room. So this could help with admim discussion that dont need to necessarily be seen by all members or guest. This also would make it so clans wouldn't have to use third party apps, as we all know they do, for this purpose.

    5. Clan Logs: a Warlord or Warchief go into Clan> Manage > Logs, they'll pretty much be able to see a log of information such as: Clan founded date, first owner/warlord, when X promotes/demotes Y to a clan position, when Y rejects/accepts Z individual join requests, when X leaves/joins clan, when Y started/forfeited/completed War/EB. All these things with their respective times.

    Clan Loyality

    (clan role slots increased 8/21/18) 1. Take away the limitations on amount of clan role positions. Being able to promote people that are found loyal to the clan into higher positions. We obiviously would have to buy the additional positions that your clan wanted or needed to do so.

    2. Clan Vault: this is where all seals, horns, and compasses could drop from epic battles for clan. Since in winning these items from ebs is a clan effort this would insure they will be used at clan won in. Others could also buy these items and add to vault so if clan wanted to save up for a premium eb day or such.

    3. Clan bank: this is where member of clan can opt into giving say a percent of their gold winnings, Im not sure exactly how the gold could be used, except to be redistributed to members when needed, or if there was clan items that could be bought, maybe like individual builds, that would help strengthen the clan ex: building a wall around clan(community) that would give stats while in said clan, etc., (would love for others with this idea to expound on its benefits).

    4. Clan based events: you would work together as a clan to reach goals, in turn getting clan achievements and rewards within clan as you reach the different clan tiers.

    5. Percentage plunder bonus for loyality in clan. In other words you can build up pb for staying in the one clan, if you leave you obviously lose that pb until you build back up again. Id say make this event length, and could say for ex: day 1-5 add 1% for each day, so at day 5 =5%, day 6 -9= 10%, day 10-14 =15%. This woud help encourage people to stay in clan.

    6. Clan Equipment: This idea was recently expounded on in thread called Clan Armory. Please select link below to read.

    >>>Clan Armory Thread<<<

    7. Clan Banner: Would have a clan banner depicting art or themed around your own clan, this banner will be upgraded to reflect the clan bonuses.


    Ok so these are just a few ideas Ive seen and/or posted myself on each topic. This thread is NOT intended to necessarily say if you support these above ideas particularly, but for people to express any other ideas or expound on the above ideas that might help improve or promote clans.
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  2. Support. Well thought out, devs make this happen.
  3. Instead of horns and seals and compass drops to individual players this could be replaced and could go straight into the clan bank
  4. Yes exactly, takes clan effort so would be nice to ensure drop is to the clan!
  5. Lots of these have been suggested hundreds of times before and yet here we are,gettinf a trade calculator.
  6. Yes all that I listed above have been suggested before, but they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Maybe we need to get alittle squeakier with it! :lol:
  7. Better idea: rename clans to settlements
  8. So a newsfeed update? Not support. But having some kind of log that shows all this would be kinda cool. A log that shows promotion, demotion, joins, leaves and by which admin.

    No support. Especially the last login idea. That's just creepy and If i wanted my clan leader to know i was active i would say so or show it by being active in eb.

    No support, Clan announcements should be enough. This would just be annoying and spammy. Even with a 24 hour limit.

    All my support. This would be extremely helpful for admins/clan leaders. Or just having the ability to group chat with selected individuals would also be cool.

    Support. This would be kinda cool. Though it might be odd to have a clan with 1 warlord and 99 warchiefs. As long as these slots still cost gold to buy.

    No support. I hate the fact that clans think they're entitled to someone's horn/seal/compass drops. They are not. They belong to the lucky individual(s) who got the drop. This isn't KaWmmunism.

    The idea of being able to pool gold to unlock slots would be cool however being able to redistribute gold is extremely exploitable. For example: Ten BC hansels and one 1mcs run NK train, pool gold, Nine hansels leave, then gold is split between a BC hansel and 1mcs build? As for building clan buildings? Lets not. We can already get stat boosts from completing epics. So no support until this idea is refined further.

    All my absolute support. This might be exploited but that can be easily fixed by making clan activity rewarded and not plunder. For example your clan needs to gather 1000 shards. Shard drops would be based on activity and not each individual plunder from eb. Even bettee is clans can also have PvP clan based event. Why not both?

    Full support. There is actually another thread discussing this. It would be tricky for mercs and LL warriors.

    Maybe this can tie into clan eb/pvp events? Participants get a piece of equipment and its only upgradable through clan loyalty or activity? Would be cool.

    Thanks for posting. Some of these idea's are great. I hope Winston reads them.
  9. Thanks Ashton for your thoughts, just so you know on this particuliar thought it would not be adding more newfeed messages only adding to the one they already post when someone joins clan!

    But a log could be useful as well, can you expound more on this idea, and how/where would you get log?
  10. Ohh, so when someone joins or gets rejected it just says who let them join or reject them? I support that. It would be super useful.

    As for the logs thing. I think when a Warlord and Warchief go into Clan> Manage > Logs, they'll pretty much be able to see a log of information such as: Clan founded date, first owner/warlord, when X promotes/demotes Y to a clan position, when Y rejects/accepts Z individual join requests, when X leaves/joins clan, when Y started/forfeited/completed War/EB. All these things with their respective times.
  11. Yes, it would add it to the message you already receive in newsfeed if your a admin that can see join request.

    Ok yes I like the log idea, I do think some form of clan activity information of members would be helpful. With 100 clan members and multiple clans the way now to do activity checks is super time consuming, so sometimes dont know if member gone inactive or just hitting during different timezone or low activity due to rl.

    I added the clan log idea to original post! Ty Ashton
  12. So the people that spend money for seals and crystals don’t get the drops?

    No support
  13. These all drop from regular ebs, not just premium ebs, and as it is right now random person gets drop from whichever eb they drop from! Ex. Compass drops to x, then if guest they are asked to use in clan, and even if member you have to line up when the person is on to use the compass, if was in a clan vault it would be able to be used when best fit for clan to run the ebs!
  14. No support. It’s the players item. Not the clans.
  15. Admins don’t want more notices in newsfeed. People bouncing in and out already have huge newsfeeds. It’s what the community wanted taken out before. Why are you wanting to implement it again ? You don’t trust your fellow admins? If they kick then it’s a reason that needs support from fellow admins.

    Again there are more fixes needed than more chats, more news, and login notifications. No way.

    No support
  16. It wouldnt be more notices as stated above, and again I said nothing about kicking, so notsure what your refering to. But plz read original post, all I listed are ideas that have been previously proposed by different people in forums from the kaw community, the idea of this thread is for people to expound on the ideas listed or give other ideas that would be worth developers taking notice or implementing (as Ashton did), so if you have any ideas please feel free to post, if not you stating you dont support everything is really of no point.
  17. I agree on clan rules needs more addition. For this to work devs need to make money. Each additional role should be bought 20 nobs. This should incentivize devs to implement. I wouldn’t mind to buy nobs for a couple of clan admin. I’m cheap but if all about the clan I can spare few bucks
  18. Full support! Nice job with this, Stacy!
  19. I would prefer it staying as gold, but if the devs would chose to go that route I think 20 nobs each is a bit much. Its potentially alot of additions that could be added!
  20. Thank you Family, please feel free to add any ideas you may have! ;)