Clan EB Taxes!

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  1. Have no idea what that is.

    But I support this. Yes.

  2. You mean "Sal-teh fett Axant"
  3. Maybe it was mentioned but sum clans need help finishing end of end I see one I normally join them first and banking gold only gives back 75% gold devs could use the other 25% and give out a random drop on phase ending hits or a monthly reward for loyalty
  4. Great overall idea!!

    I also like a few of the revisions that make this occur after so many hours in clan. Anything that builds and incentives loyalty
  5. No support this would be horribly abused by osw clans as they would make bank account the only member to funnel it funds.
  6. I agree, something definitely needs to be done to promote clan loyality as it seems all new ideas implemented does the opposite, but idk if a eb tax would be enough, maybe also adding increased crestplate shard drops to perms while in home clan would be helpful incentive, and help encourage clannies to stay and have home clan, I do like the opted in idea in this though. So if those that want to hop for legend drops still can and will obviously get higher chances of getting crestplates dropped in the regard of hitting more ebs, but those in home clan would potentially get the higher amount in drops as well which could help balance growth and promote clan loyality!
  7. I think that if you clan hop I think it should be a decrease in drops in ebs because you don't stay I think perms should have the in crease in drops cause there loyal to the clun but that's what I think with drops
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  8. Lots of good ideas here, from several people. The one that sits best with me is taxing hoppers, and sending it into a "clan bank". Warlord and War Chief can then use the funds to purchase clan role slots and temporary bonuses for all active perms, that way it's a constant gold sink. Obviously there would be a plunder bonus option, but honestly not sure what other bonuses make sense. Any ideas?