Clan EB Taxes!

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  1. Thinking about this - what a clan tax for asking for help. The flip side to this. Clans taking on more than they can chew. So they either FF or defeat without asking for help. Being devils advocate here.
  2. I don't clan hop much. Even before events were a normal. Outside of eq hunting or warring. But players shouldn't be punished for playing the game their way. Plus that system could be abused or caused issues with game. I. E bugs, exploits. So on.
  3. Leaving clan resetting your % isn’t really fair to those who war often like I do.
  4. I do like this idea, but there’s a lot of way this could be abused.
  5. Easy to abuse.
    New account is clan owner and the only "perm". 99 alts are then giving their 5% to one account. The one "perm" grows waaaay quick making about 245% (5% X 99) per EB.
  6. Okay but there could be a bracket put in place to prevent this from happening...
  7. You mean like back in the days with plunderwars^^? After ff one osf/oaf got whole gold to build up
    Same thing but still, devs allowed it :)
  8. You don't even necessarily need to pay out the gold as bars - since there's already a pool you could potentially "buy" various perks with this that only affect current players with perm status in the clan - plunder boost, enchantment success, event item drops, etc. Removes the risk of pwar scenarios and can improve a broad swath of gameplay attributes depending on what the clan wants to do.
  9. The only part of this that has the potential to be abused is the tax pool, remove that and you have a pretty good system. Tax the visitors, and that's pretty much it, no need for payouts to perms. Perms already benefit from not being taxed, plus perms are usually happy where they belong, so there should be no need for extra incentive to being a perm.

    ALSO: You can only be a perm of one clan only, which as you say is subject to approval by the Warlord, and you can revoke your permanent membership by yourself in order to perm at another clan.
    Issues are family clans where you are almost guaranteed family status upon arrival, therefore there should be at least 2 day cooldown (where you stay permanently in the clan during a 48 hour period) before you can apply for perm membership there, otherwise players will just hop in between family clans.
    Exceptions could be made for premium ebs, so that there is no tax.
  10. The tax is the incintive without it there is no infinitive for perm to stay home more often. You can’t really abused it since the tax is very low percent
  11. Came to complain but great idea and well thought out. Support.
  12. Lmao ! Spoken like a true democrat....what’s next the new green kaw ?
  13. Completely stupid Taxes who made you IRS we jumpers jump to visit clans for a beautiful hello and clans loves us cause they want dumb ebs finished and it's a way to meets the greater kaw community so your saying we have to pay to see a beautiful home clan thats always welcoming as for loyalty we are to our home family clans shoot the tax man between the eye balls
  14. Not being taxed is the incentive. Tax the guests.
  15. So just pointing out something to show of easily things can be exploited. During the PWAR days when clans were hitting close to 1T in total plunder (1T in 2days some players make this in less then an hour now) I knew of accounts that would jump from statless to close to max (close to 6.4m CS for spy or ~8m CS for attack, this was mainly done to build a new OSF) from getting the war tax.

    So now with that little fun fact out of the way I would like to say I like the idea but it would need to be going towards a clan bank. This ‘Clan Bank’ would then be used to upgrade the overall clan such as....
    - Adding more spots
    - Adding more Available role spots
    - Increasing plunder
    - Giving stat bonuses
    - Being able to decrease EB start timer(not as useful now)

    To keep ‘hoppers’ from being able to abuse these new buffs there would be a new member tag applied for X amount of days upon joining a clan. The only way to avoid this would be to be made an admin(sorry not used to new positions) of clan. However being made admin then having position removed would not remove the new member tag until the X amount of days is over.

    Sorry about anything that does not make 100% sense.
  16. I get what you're saying, but I still don't think a clan bank will stop abuse.

    I mean just keep it simple: tax the newcomers there's no need for extra benefits to perms, otherwise you can have two sets of alts clan going against each other.
  17. May I just remind everyone of the small detail that everyone has failed to mention.

    If indeed there are taxes this will not make a difference to hoppers for this particular reason:

    Event item collection accumulates leading to hitting higher event milestones. Silver bars gained will usually add up to more than the gold lost from hopping.

    This leads to the additional problem that perms, whilst gaining the 5% extra plunder each eb, will usually not hit such high milestones as items will not be gained as easily due to longer times for ebs to finish.

    Therefore there is no use for the taxes, in any case I do believe that it would negatively impact the chances of growth for mid tier players such as myself. Furthermore it directly counters the point of having a leaderboard for events where rapid item gains are nessesary to remain competitive.

    This does not mean that I am against the idea that perms in clans should receive an advantage it ebs. May I suggest we look at a stratergy where length of stay in a clan grants xtals on a weekly basis or some kind of % damage increase for members of a clan which have remained it that supposed clan for an amount of time (to be disscussed).

    Please let me know what you feel about this.
    Would any moderator or developer wish to state the developers position so as we can come together to come up with a solution!

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