Clan EB Taxes!

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  1. 5 percent - yes sure 10% max. Support signed a hopper
  2. Really like this idea!
  3. Support.

    The payout should be linked to number of hits per week and capped based on player size.

    What about perms who happen to be out of the clan when the bonus is distributed though?
  4. I don’t support much.....

  5. I don’t think hoppers would be affected at all by this. Most of my money comes from plates and ally trades. Hitting goth and noth gives less than 10% of the money I earn in a day
  6. That being said, I feel like this could be easily abused for gold transferring and gold selling (imagine bigs running gold trains with a few small customers in clan as perms)
  7. What if the longer you stayed in a clan, the higher chance that eb eq/artifacts would drop... possible even more event items drop the longer you stay.
  8. Actually to build further off OP. Clan taxes should be to fund unlocking admin and extra member slots. This benefits the clan and helps build the clan.

    So sum up what I’ve taken away to form my thought on clan taxes.

    EB clan taxes should be at levels. Starting from 5% taxed off your EB plunder per hit. While working it’s way down to 2.5% after one day. Then after a week in the clan you’re taxed at 1% a hit.

    Now to combine this with a clan vault or bank used to store gold. Banked gold is used to fund unlocking g member slots from the original 100 or to push for extra admin spots in the clan.

    With the clan bank, clan admins can send members gold as well. However only 1% of the clan bank can be sent to a clan member. To prevent abuse devs can think of better ways but my idea is deposits are based on your term spent in clan and can not exceed the amount of your next land purchase. While also you can only be deposited once a week.
  9. That would be 10%tax if you tax each hit then tax the total
  10. Not bad but a bonus on eb plunder to perms would be better than taxing hoppers
  11. I feel like your gonna vote for Bernie....
  12. Great idea will help clan loyalty and incentive to be permanent on a clan.
  13. Great idea. Full support
  14. Want to fix jumping? You wont.

    Simply make it so Fatesands crestplates drop rate is higher for people who hit in 1st phase. This % will drop each phase.

    Simple as that.

    1st Phase 25%
    2nd Phase 15%
    3rd Phase 5%
    4th Phase 2.5%

    Also the emphasis on early drastic drops are absolutely necessary. If you leave clan it resets and you lose % chance. This system will reward specifically those who get it to 4th phase / MB. Jumpers will still and always exist. They help many clans also complete EBs. So let them jump for events. Let the Fatesands Crestplates be a larger reward for the perms who deserve the growth for not hopping.