Clan EB Taxes!

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  1. Clan EB Tax

    Before i start i would just like to let you know that this would benefit most players so please read on if your are sceptical on this topic.. :roll:

    Should EB Hoppers Be Worried?
    Certainly not. If you are an EB hopper tell me this... would you be willing to sacrifice 5% of your EB plunder while jumping from clan to clan hitting the main bars just to say thank you to the perms for getting the EB to this point? I think it would only be fair, besides the whole point of clan hopping is not to make gold but to get event items faster.

    Why have EB Taxes?
    EB taxes will give more incentive for players to have a perm clan.
    Not only that it would make clan loyal players more appreciated. ;)

    What Are The Benefits of EB Taxes?
    EB Taxes are to give a more fair platform for loyal clan members without preventing or discouraging clan hopping because i believe clan hopping is an important factor in KaW.

    I have come up with an idea to help us get around the unfairness of eb hopping
    Here are some basic mechanics that my plan would involve:

    1) We would have a new feature where clan members can 'opt in' to become a permanent member of their home clan.
    2) Only the Warlord may accept or decline players requests to become an 'opted perm'.
    3) Being an 'opted perm' means that whilst in your home clan you do not pay eb taxes, you may also come and go from your home clan as you please without having to be accepted (Unless your clan is full).
    4) The 'EB Tax' would come into play for visitors 'non opted perms' or clan hoppers, basically they would pay 5% tax for example which would show up each attack and a 5% cut from the final eb take. I don't think this would be a problem because usually eb hoppers are after event items not gold.
    5) Weekly Tax which has been gathered pools together and is payed out to the 'opted perms'.
    6) The Tax would be payed out in bronze and silver bars to the 'opted perms' and is shared fairly for an example working (active hours spent in clan X hits on ebs) ruling out any incas receiving taxes.

    Let me know what you guys think :D
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  2. Thanks for the effort you put into the post, it seems well laid out and thought through.

    I agree that something needs to be done to redress the huge growth imbalance between players that hop and those which stay and run clans.

    The imbalance is caused by the increased frequency of crest-plates drops for hoppers vs clan owners/admins.

    I think your idea has a lot of merit as a framework however I wonder if the weekly rewards would be big enough to balance things.

    Have you done any sums to assess what the likely payout would be for different sized clans?
  3. well thought out
  4. Mate, I’ll support anything that promotes clan loyalty. Screw the hopping and support those that keep clans alive and fun. 
  5. Hey! Not a bad idea
  6. How would this work if you only have one person opted in as perm?

    Edit: also I’m not fond of the idea of a small build being able to get the same amount of gold as a decently sized build. Which means I would like to see a cap on the amount of gold you can earn from the tax based on something like percentage of your highest land purchase? So if you are a statless alt you can’t just get a trillion that easily etc.
  7. Nice thread bro i suport
  8. I think the idea has some positive points.

    But a few side issues

    1. Some clan hoppers benefit clans that are failing. Why tax help?

    2. Who controls the option to perm at a clan? This might not be bad if you could perm at more than one clan.
    But then again, that would be a who is popular and who is not thing.
    Besides, that would negate being a perm.

    3. 5% per hit, and 5% eb plunder. Some people are pure spy. They would only pay eb plunder. And not to mention, different build sizes, make different plunder per hit and different plunder at end of eb.

    I'm half and half on this idea.
    I do support the effort trying to make kaw better though :)
  9. 1. Its not gonna stop the help from coming and the tax will help the failing clan grow

    2. Read op, only the warlord does. And obviously not

    3. You are stupid
  10. Support on the entire idea, but as for for your last point, ATA has stated that they can't track time in clan. As an alternative, it could be handed out fairly by give your fair share in correlation to the number of hits you had that week. This could also help clan admin do activity checks by seeing just how many hits a person had that week.

    All in all, support
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  11. IMO staying in the same clan for a week should give you 8% extra plunder, following week is 16%, and after 3 weeks 24% plunder.

    This would incentivize being a perm clan member but also helps new accounts grow as well with extra plunder bonuses.

    This plays in part with OP’s thread.
  12. wb people that leave to war?
  13. Support to Foxes and Ninja️️
  14. I’d assume that it’d be like if you use 80% or more of your unloads at the same clan within the week. You’d qualify for rhe plunder bonus. Id say it should be higher, but that 20% would be for visiting friends or warring, etc. I feel like time based isn’t a good representation since you could park an account there over night and “be a perm” at the clan. Total Acitivity > Total Time imo
  15. Support, 5% for paid ebs 10% for free

    Set too disable after 168hours in clan and or for admins
  16. Obviously this idea is still just a work in progress, I just wanted to throw my idea out there to see what everyone had to say. I am still yet to change a few things after taking everyone’s constructive feedback into consideration. :)
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