Clan door keys

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  1. Hello again Kaw Community... back with another interesting idea

    Clan Door Keys

    ok so hear me out guys...Have you been in a clan for awhile an decided to perm there? How about leaving to help a friend an coming back but no one is on to let you back in your clan when you finish helping.

    Would it not be neat if clan owners had the ability to give out keys to clan members they trust so they can come and go as they please an let themselves back in so someone else doesn't have to? Could maybe even have different tier keys for letting admins who leave and come back get their role back upon entry an not have to wait for rank within the clan to give ranks back. I think it would help a lot for people who war.

  2. Definitely sounds like a plan to me, I think it would be nice, but then again who am I just a peon and it seems as though since the beginning of time that I've been here, the last five years, the little people just don't seem to be heard very well if at all...
  3. We were all little once 
  4. Better to give admin to those that are active,should not be a problem to have ppl that watch door if you give the right ppl admin.better that devs work on real game problems i think.and pls dont use colors,cant read some of the text.
  5. Can't people ask for something useful over and over again? Maybe then Devs will ad something useful. Awesome examples off this would have to be new clan roles which suck ass and cleaning of old event items.

    Keep asking for this people they'll make it cost a tril to give out a key like they did with clan roles just the way ata does things.
  6. Been brought up multiple times now, isn't this a sign devs? That we want this, we don't want stupid legends or extra events we want small things like inventories being cleaned, clan keys, EE being fixed and better rewards for wars and PVP. Stop supporting the pay-to-play players and help out the community in general and maybe more people will join and stay for once...
  7. Imo it is useful and old event equipment u transmute for perminent stat bonus....
  8. Support
  9. Even high active people aren't on all the time. It's another way of helping clans run more efficiently that can benefit everyone.
  10. I will say, the clan roles need a re haul they suck
  11. Ya know I actually like this. Usually its not a huge problem, but it could definitely have benefits. Would just have to make sure there's a way to get the key back at any time on the owners part cuz stuff happens
  12. No support, that's why you choose admin wisely so you have morning/night admin
  13. Morning an night admins awesome...does no good now if they have stuff going on irl now does it? Maybe u urself doesn't have an issue with ur clan staff but ur one person of many who do have that problem. I'm looking at this as a whole not a singular, thank you.
  14. I think owner should be able to take key back anytime by viewing the profile of the member in or out of a clan. Like a return button
  15. The vast majority of clans are small, leaving the pool of people that can be trusted as HR's near-empty. In big clans this is not an issue -- people from many time zones join. However, in the small clans, you are either forced to promote those that can't be trusted or do it all yourself.

    In other words, it's a lose-lose situation.
  16. @Reid, I don't think it's quite as dire as you say. At least my Armsmasters haven't failed me/backstabbed me yet towards judgement. - source: small clan, regularly rotating active membership, including the Armsmasters.

    On topic, clan roles were something the community begged for and the devs delivered on (not me, I liked Admin, Owner, and that's it). Now that the community has it, they want another (bunch of) variant(s) of it. I can't see this becoming a thing in that context - the unsatisfiable community when it comes to clan management.

    Towards the specific idea, it sounds nifty, but tricky to code, present in a simple way to players, and manage in-app effectively. Perhaps if you drew up sketches / fake screenshots with captions showing how you would implement this? That would make this a lot easier to implement if it turns out quite easy to conceptualize after all, and might drastically help your chances (although I'm sure a bunch of unintended bugs to smash with current features would happen, delaying release).