Clan Chat Crystal Notice Feature

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ___H-E-I-M-D-A-L-L-R____, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. I would like to see clan chat notices everytime someone uses an xstal. Good for motivation killing big EBs and catching those sneaky peeps on premium EBs. Real-time updates of course.
  2. Horrible for wars so many alts nowadays
  3. I'd imagine it be good for war, shows everyone uses the xstal when leader says instead of finding out after war. Irrelevant if alt or not.
  4. No no no no no.........

    The spam would be unreal, and if your worried about people xtaling on premiums when they shouldn’t you should join a clan with some loyalty. Much better things of devs to be doing than this. I’d put this about 30 items lower than an xtal clock which people would actually Benefit from and still doesn’t make the top 10 for dev priority.
  5. HA.


    Imagine trying to use CC in a B2B HTE/NK clan.

    No support though. Sorry.
  6. If it’s more to catch people xtalling on premiums and breaking clan rules why not have it sent to admin’s notifications instead with the option to have it turned off in settings. I agree with people saying it’s be a mess spamming CC during those system wars.
  7. If it could be a switch that clan admins could turn off and on when needed it could be good

  8. Terrible idea that would add no value to kaw.

  9. Not a notification but maybe in the clan roster under inactive/active, support either way
  10. Not in clan chat, in the history you should be able to see gems used.
  11. Easily support if it would show either in history or maybe as a pm to the owner ?
  12. You see how many hits and if they use a crystal under actions in history if they use when they shouldn’t they’ll have a lot more hits than others. Waste of time rather a xtal clock.
  13. 1) People miss CC or CA or CP at times, I would not call them unloyal to the clan.

    2) Sure devs have better things to do and it might be a low priority but it is an easy enough change unlike the other top 30 issues and it has more benefits than trouble IMO.

    And originally I posted this because we were failing GOTH and our top dude max xstaled and I thought it would be cool if the whole clan could see it and be motivated to throw some xstals in there too. Not everyone checks the battle logs.

    I like that, would solve messy CC in clans that have active CC.

    I love that. Probably best place to locate it.

    Whole point is to make sure it does not happen to begin with when it should not and also seeing someone max xstal on GOTH after the fact also does no one any good. I'd like to either publicly shame the users who do not follow rules or motivate others to use it as team effort during tough EBs instead of just hoping mercs or jumpers will come by.