Clan Bank System

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  1. Clan Roles go in effect tomorrow, these are last few days to help get the clan bank system in production and help lessen the burden of the owner.

    Please show your support or non support and your reasons why. The more support we get the better the odds on actually getting this added.
  2. After being brought up in the release times thread, I will give this one more day, before I request it locked.
  3. I honestly want to see this

    shame on the devs for not making it a reality
  4. Great idea, fully support. Maybe use could use gold in bank to upgrade your clan which gives you bonuses or something
  5. As I am sure most of you are starting notice, smaller clans anyways, that now the New Clan Roles have been put in play, how much we really need this system and the added benefits of lessening the burden of purchasing those 1t and 500b slots.

    Also the many future uses that this system can be adapted for.

    Stop with the osw, ally buying, or withdrawing of funds, it's too exploitable and will never happen.

    We need a lot more community support behind this idea, either for or against, if we want AtA to actually consider and start working on it.

    So time to get those fors or against opinions going!
  6. Support. It'd be nice to have us also use this for upgrades considering bigs have 300t and I'm sitting 9t tops

  7. Too exploitable to use in this fashion. If it were able to be used as an Atm all of kaw would be bc overnight. Devs will never allow this.
  8. For all those, on the other threads, wanting to know how small clans can afford the New roles.

    Here's your answer!
  9. Let this go long enough, too many crying about the update instead of helping find a way to balance it.

    Been brought up again, so I will let it go a bit longer.
  10. Bump

    Since the majority of the op is no longer needed any suggestions about how to use the system moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

    Just remember devs are not going to allow something like this to be used for osw or rapid bc, due to the highly exploitable aspect of it.

    Basically there is no longer any real use other than what I originally posted for the future creation of clans.
  11. OMG YES me and my clan talk about this all the time just yes full support :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D !
  12. Great idea, support