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    Alright kaw, Monday morning devs go back to work and will be checking in on the weekend forums. Let's keep it up and show support or no support and your reasons why.

    Thanks to all have posted this thread.
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    Support should already have one
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    Completely agree
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    yeah I agree with you there only empowers morons who didn't have the social/political skills to get the funds together in the 1st place. It will cheapin' OSW as it is now. You'll windup with a bunch of half ass wannabes thinking they're all the sudden warriors.
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    The only reason you'ld want a clan bank is for OSW strips what ATA is now promoting "off system" (or willing to go there at least) strips? really want to mess with the last aspect of this game that keeps the gist of your spenders here?
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    I suggest what op introduced clan bank only used for new positions. It will help the smaller clans and not completely destroy them. I think having a clan bank that can be utilized for strips is not what this thread is about and I agree it would make an osw not as much fun!!!
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    It would destroy OSW as we know it now

    ..."successful" OSW is a hallmark of experienced players ie: the coordination, funding, timing, social/political skills etc etc etc
    you really want to empower crap clans that couldn't get it together for OSW like that?

    It cheapens/lessons the accomplishments of clans/alliances like Apoc Kotfe etc

    ...leave OSW/off system PvP for the elite  (let the rest grovel in EE or promos)
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    Exactly Todd, devs won't agree for it to be used for strips or funding upgrades. Way too exploitable.

    The sole reason for a clan bank system is to lessen the burden of buying these new slots. Possibly later in the future for clan bonuses etc and maybe clan items seals horns circles.
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    Any more suggestions, pros, cons?
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    No support.
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    Eh hem. Pardon my translation

    OSW is all about your big money spenders. By making clan banks you reduce the incentive and e-pen I have because I have more disposable income than others and I/we can flaunt it.
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    EXACTLY lol

    ...but what you want to just end the whole thing then? Once your spenders are gone there's no game left. The time to complain about the game being "pay to win" is long long past (and honestly it was always that way ..even before HTE) trying to reverse this in some sort of way just won't work, you'll just make it so you don't have to spend money on OSW ..then ATA will react by trying to suck money out of us in different ways'll destroy OSW as we know it now and will create contempt in other aspects of the game.
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    I like this idea. The clan bank could have a space where the battle cry spell ad sits where you view your clan.
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    The continuous rambling as this being used for OSW funds is futile, it will never be used for that, for the 100th time it is way too exploitable.
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    A firm believer the system will work with some tweaking.
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    Still need a lot more support from the KaWmmunity.
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    Noooo lol. Even if there is an expire and it can only be donated up to ... What was the number? 9 trillion! People would be making clans left and right just to transfer 9t to other accounts. Then do it over and repeat. Just another exploit. Accounts could potentially grow from noob to BC in less than a day. Big no
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    Please reread it again, once the gold is donated, it can not be taken back out and can only be spent on clan upgrades or clan items (if devs add this in the future) . Essentially it is a "gold sink" and a way to help small clans unlock the clan slots etc.
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    Bumping to AT, still need more support and opinions.