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    I think the clan bank should be used more than just getting slots.
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    Like to see a clan bank where they can purchase deals, nobs, or other things with gold. Be like a clan effort. Maybe even a mystery box for every clannie to open️
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    Hmmm, how about each purchase gives each member 1 gift? That gift, based on how much another player purchased, (say $100, platinum gift, xtals - sod - horns - Aqua/inferno) etc. and you have 1 day to redeem before it expires.
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    I think a clan bank, where you you get a bonus in plunder increase. On a variable that gives 10% for 100b, 20% 200b, and ETC

    This way you can keep the ally market cheap.

    The plunder bonus could last 5 days considering that's easy too triple the gold.
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    Basically like Game of War alliance gifts and Mobile Strike.
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    Wot r those? ^ The Real Slim Shady @jackson
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    I still fail to understand why anyone wants a feature where your clan has to pay more money for slots, because that's all this is.

    If you have a clan bank that takes tax when you put money into it and you can only buy extra slots with bank money then all you're really doing is increasing the prices of slots. This idea is completely stupid.
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    Correction, *What are doze!?
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    And full support and to op too
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    Can someone photoshop what that would look like please O.O

    Anyways, to solve the problems with money gathering in the bank, how about anything that is added after the bank hit 8.4t has 24hrs to be used before decaying and goes down a giant sinkhole  it'd make people think twice about dumping 1,600,000,000,000,000 in a bank.
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    Could also make it so that your clan bank can be taken from during a LL war. That would also not make you want to donate heavily into it.

    Also support for your original idea 
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    Those are actually great ideas,the decay rate would help counter any exploit with storing gold just to hide it.

    Also the idea of having a portion removed during wars would definitely be a step in the right direction as well. The percentage taken from one bank during war can only be transferred to the opposing bank.

    To the "Stupid" comment, instead of whining give some viable reasons as to why it's stupid. The system is obviously going ahead as scheduled. My idea, and many other's, is to help balance the cost across the whole clan instead of just on the owner alone. This would in turn stop small clans, subs, training, starter and New clans from dying off and give them the ability to band together and buy these extra slots. This in turn Again, would also promote clan loyalty. The pros of my idea outweigh the cons, no matter how you spin it.

    So call it "Stupid" if you like, and go sit clanless the rest of your KaWreer , the clan structure is coming and the Clan Bank System is by far the best balance to it.
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    Support 100%.
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    Yes and if it's stuck in that chest, no one can pull out even owner. Only used on spells and items for clan only. Not an individual bank, a clan bank. Most of what you ppl are arguing about is the use of this like a personal bank. That isn't the case. It's (((again for 10000000000000th time))))) a CLAN COFFER. For clan use as a whole only. Period.
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    How about nothing can be taken out? You can't exploit if it can't be taken out. They introduced clan roles, so why not have a bank to help with that.

    As well as possibly bonus you get when the clan reaches a total you spend it on items. This all is going to destroy new clans, however having roles and a bank.
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    ty 
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    Great job OP! Support! 