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    What about starter clans though it still gonna take a long time, if ever, to get all unlocked!
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    That's where the clan bank will play its biggest part, lb clans won't really need it. The majority of lb clans/players have the 8t out constantly. Where the smaller beginner clans need the entire group to help pay for the slots.

    I totally agree a certain number of positions should be free to start with, but that is another discussion.
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    I think this is a good idea and so is the nob bank for the clan owners to use to buy seals etc
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    Thanks for the support.
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    Support 
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    Support. Think its a good idea.
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    Lots of great suggestions and arguments thus far, would like to get a few more player feedback about this and any ideas they may have.
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    22 ppl.supportedskeep it up
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    A great clan ability that could be purchased is clan wide plunder bonuses. Have them vary. Price wise. For EXAMPLE:

    50B = 1 hr 10% plunder bonus.
    75B = 2 hr 10% plunder bonus.
    100B = 1 hr 20% plunder bonus.
    125B = 2 hr 20% plunder bonus.
    So on and so forth.

    And for the pvp end of KAW
    Have the above mentioned eb plunder bonuses
    Be for pvp plunder bonuses.

    Also can have clan wide atk, atk defense, spy, and spy defense spells to be casted clan wide.
    Like the mithril spells but for whole clan. Price can be figured out later.

    Have 0 gold taken out for strips. Too many exploits. % of eb plunder is to be decided by admin who starts eb. 1-5% seems fair. Clan Coffer should be for clan enrichment spells and bonuses only. And of course the new titles. With the bonuses, the money collected will always have a useful purpose. And can never be exploited.
    And none of this is to be purchased with nobility. We spend so much on seals, xtals & nobility. This should be for us. The greed and money "mismanagement" needs to stop. Common sense isn't so common.

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    Exactly, very nice additions.
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    Support, but not with a tax. There is no reason to have a tax when one can spread the cost out with ally trading/shifting users who opt to buy

    It would serve no purpose when losses are 25% of 5-6Tril
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    If you really want to limit the exploits here's an idea:
    Limit the clan bank capacity to 1t(or whatever is the most expensive stuff in the future). There's really no point in going above it.

    Make the donation amounts in increments like 1b/10b/100b/1t or something like that. This should prevent donations exceeding the limit.

    More than 1 person should get to decide what to use the gold in the bank for. You wouldn't want owner to use the gold for what the clan doesn't need, especially like that clan bonus ideas. Maybe have players donate to a specific perks so the gold can only be used only for it.

    Anyways, you have my support to this idea. This would be a great help to all clans. Not every clan has a 24/7 big time spender to make it easy. Especially starting clans.
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    I say no limits to bank size, with just clan plunder bonuses for EB's and pvp and combat augmenting spells for each, there's not gonna be an exploit. Use it for eb, pvp or ee. If your clan saves 4 quadrillion, so be it. They can't do anything but buy those above listed items.
    Maybe if there is a way to buys seals for clan only. Make them separate seals(clan seal of the damned) ️ that's not even needed. Bottom line no limits, no taxes, no nobility purchases. Make this ours. One thing without corruption of Greed.
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    If there's no limit to the bank size, then people will just bank to 4q just like you say. Banking the gold in clan and not getting stolen...where's the fun in that? If people want to bank their gold, there's always pots, bars and allies for it. As I said, there's really no point if you bank exceeds the limit since what your buying is gonna be limited.
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    Support for clan bank. There should have been one since the beginning! Many threads have been made on the subject and the devs announce at one point one would be coming. Now with the new rank structure a clan bank is even more a better idea.
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    That's why once the gold is donated to the bank it can not be withdrawn,it has to be spent on the slots or possible future additions to the clan structure.

    Everyone has great ideas and additions to the Clan Bank System, but you all have to remember it has to be put in place on a small scale first to test it and insure it can not be exploited period. So it would most likely start out as a 8.3t max and only able to purchase the updated slots at the start. With all these great ideas about buffs, bonuses and boosts to atk, def, and plunder. The devs have plenty to work with for future updates.

    We still need a lot more players to voice their opinions on this system before it can move to the next phase.

    If anyone has ever brought this up in the past then please share your version here as well.
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    As a response to Mang, if they have 4 Quad, so what. They can only purchase the above mentioned items. Would be a waist for them. The devs can put new items to enrich the clan structure that could be purchased from this Coffer. Just no purchase of allies, exploitable.
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    All these people afraid to be stripped lol