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    Stay off my thread.
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    Much support if devs are going through with this clan role system make a clan bank for everyone to contribute
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    Support! Really, considering the recent update on new clan roles it makes sense for their to be a clan bank. If roles are required to be purchased that benefit the clan, the whole clan should be able to pitch in rather than it resting on the owners shoulders.

    The tax will also be a neat little way to help with inflation.
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    I support this
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    If we were to build clan unity this should be the way
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    I don't know id love a clan bank for strips in OSW it would also lower inflation with all the strips aswell
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    Oh so you're only looking for positive feedback? Perhaps try not posting redundant ideas then.
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    And with each member only needing to contribute 10b per tril stripped nobody even has to put any effort into a strip anymore!!!! Wooooooh

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    Support. I like the idea of more unity and contribution within a clan. This also makes it more viable for smaller clans to stay existing. :)
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    Anyway, no support, what's the point of wasting time and effort for players to only put 8t in? If you're going have a bank, have it at a maximum of 250t, this way, if a OSW occurred they could remove funds for strips. But to stop corruption, only 25t can be taken out every 12 hours and all members would have access to view it.

    If more than 100t is taken out within 4 days, the clan would be unable to take any other gold out unless 5 players emailed support, (so the leader doesn't just take all the gold and nobody can stop him).

    No point just having it so players can have enough to purchase all the ranks.
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    Yes an eb percentage good idea or a piece system like zelgarad ..? Where players can buy a piece and the slot is opened when the circle is complete?
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    25t per 12h? So it can't be used against the top 8k ally lb?
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    I don't like this idea, why have a feature that makes us have less gold to pay for the clan features that are already very highly priced?
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    If all the clans in Apoc took out 25t that's like 400t, plus they could do it over a 2 day period that's, 1.6q
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    Further to this idea,,,can we have a clan bank where we can donate nob points and owner can buy seals an so on! Look at dungeon keeper game! Guild has a bank where you donate gold for goodies..
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    And someone has to sit there for 2 days with that amount left out? Yeah... Sure.

    I don't really see a need for a cap on it.
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    How about giving a reason as to why or why not, instead of being a mouthy troll.
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    There's a huge exploit in that and part of the reason devs are reluctant on the idea, restrictions have to be made to stop this sort of thing from happening. If anyone had the ability to just pull this much gold from the bank, then kaw would be bc in a couple days. Great effort and idea though.

    There has to be some limits to how the bank is used, gold should not be able to be removed for the sole purpose of exploiting it. There also has to be a cap, simply because once all slots are opened there is nothing to spend gold on until devs come up with more additions to the clans.

    Maybe in the future gold can be used to buy spells, as I have seen mentioned before, for strength boosts, defense boosts, etc.

    First things first though, got to get the bank system implimented before tweaks and add-ons are made.

    Now the nobility idea is a great suggestion, donating nobility to the clan bank to purchase seals and horns is a viable thought. Like me there are many around kaw with just a couple nobs or a couple shy of the seal or horn. Putting them together in a clan bank to purchase the seal or horn you're after would be an excellent addition.
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    Further to the clan bank nob thought! Clan owner awarded x amount per month likewise we all know being admin is a thankless task. Award admins n owners say a percentage of clan plunder..