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  1. After contacting support about my idea, they advised me to start a thread on it and get Kawmmunity feedback about it. I had originally posted it on the "Upcoming Clan Structure" thread and it was buried quickly by all the outrage on the names, titles and costs. So here i go making a thread about the clan bank system.

    Like to note that after my post, others in the same thread had the same idea and i would love for them to weigh in on this as well.

    So after I thought about it a bit, the best thing I could come up with to compromise the Price/Cost issue between players and devs is this:

    Clan Bank

    This feature would enable everyone in the clan to donate to buy said slots with in the clan instead of the burden resting in one player. Of course there would be a 10-25% tax (like war tax) for any gold donated to the clan bank.

    This would help offset the costs and make it a more reachable goal.


    Now i bet your thinking , oh there is a big exploit to be had here well here is my solution to the exploit as well.

    The easy way to negate any exploit of it is to set it to expire once all the positions in the clan have been bought. Basically the bank can only hold the total amount of money that it takes to buy all the slots, once that total amount has been donated, no donations can be made. Also once donated funds can only be used to purchase said slots for the clan. The clan bank doesn't necessarily need to be removed from the the game entirely as i am sure AtA will come up with more ways to use it in the future and of course with the same guidelines for use.

    No trolling please
    Any and all feedback is appreciated
    Any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration
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    I have allready post this ... oh well i still support
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    Seppurt! Would be nice
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    Yes I saw, but am posting as advised by AtA support. Thank you for your support.
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    Or to make money for clan bank a certain % is taken from an eb that has just been finished
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    Your thread looks like the flag of Gambia.
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     i habe also said this

    Let the % of eb go to clan bank or the owmer can % before startin.eb
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    Eh I haven't read your thread i've been inactive.
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    Dont matter let just support this one
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    Yummy! I love clam bakes!!?
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    I have made a thread about this on my old acct and left feedback on yesterday's announcement thread. I support this idea but with no limitations. This should have happened a long time ago. Clans should be able to bank gold donated from clannies or wars into clan Coffer.
    This should then be able to be used on these upcoming slots, special clan spells able to be bought at alchemist, clan purchase of seals or horns,or a clan Banner( & its upgrade), enrichen osw experience for special use there, any number of possibilities.
    Devs have neglected threads like this for years. And now they tell you to put it in forums as a thread to see how we think it is? They already know and are wasting your time and ours because they sit on their hands. .....
    Anyway, I support the idea but probably same chance of hitting last nights power ball than getting this implemented.

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    Support. Good idea
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    Some great suggestions and additions there Vas, hopefully this time around the devs will pay attention as it pertains greatly to the upcoming updates and was suggested to be posted by their own support team.
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    Come on Kawmmunity, you were all bring this up on multiple threads, creating threads and screaming about it elsewhere. now that I have AtA input and support everyone gets quiet on the issue?

    Add suggestions, support, no support, reasons for or against etc.
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    Good idea. And by everyones name it shpuld say how much theyve donated so the owner can see the most influential people.
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    Great idea, could help determine future roles in the clans.
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    Clan bank should be unlimited in deposits, for benefit of clan, stripping, and any other adhoc clan thingy that comes up. Great way to sink gold, possibly removing pressure from ally market too.

    Support for clan bank
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    No clan banks are stupid no matter there purpose.

    Get off the forums nub.