CLAN ALLIES: A Crutch or a Benefit?

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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: I BETTER PULLOUT OF THIS WAR I CANT TAKE ON KOTFE ASWELL AS VOODOO :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. You can't count KotFE/Cr (
  3. And subs) as multiple clans. It's one big clan.
  4. And to bad you guys brought in Voodoo it WAS getting interesting.
  5. When you say "bring in" it's not like Alpha or murphs version of "bringing in" we have multiple SS's of murphs walling random clans asking they want to help murphs in an osw. Way different way of handling things then the old school way.

    Murphs (on random clans owners wall): hey you guys wanna join and help in an osw :)

    Response: uhh, what day and for how long? I'm close to an upgrade. We have a scheduled system war with ______ this weekend.

    CR/KotFE (in multi-clan alliance room): We are at war with _____ because they farmed one of our members.

    Response: ok we'll organize the clans and make a target list. **Rest is Top Secret** ;)

    You EB clans can't even begin to understand the level of organization the old school clans have. And the fact we don't have to ask random clans to help. Everyone we bring in is an ally that knows what they're getting into when we make that alliance with them.

    Favorite Quote of this war: "hey delete your allies on your clan page so we can bring in more people"

  6. Lmao  loved that last quote.
  7. Just checking what rubbish is being said now. Was sad to see my friends in my news feed but oh well, its a game.
  8. Update: Black Star withdraw from the war!

    Still Fighting:- .Alpha., The Starz, -South of Heaven-, Murphys all the way. V KotFE/CR, True Spartans, -Deuces-, WAR and Voodoo
  9. Yarmes its more than that i believe, we have hits from alot of other clans.
  10. Yarmes you forgot unforgiving soldiers bro haha 
  11. As far as I know that's the only clans that should be hitting you Emily if your being hit from outside these families I don't know who or why they are.

    Oh Yea Unforgiven Soldiers they been a bit quiet on me today sorry UFS didn't mean to forget about you.
  12. I went private chat with you yarmes, benefit of warring against friends :)
  13. Probably dropping out due to boredom.

    They could just be sleeping, after a while, tickling becomes quite relaxing.

  14. Update: Unforgiven Soldiers and .alpha. Only ones left
  15. Have I told you all that I can fly?
  16.  I am truly sorry for posts that I made on the walls of Kotfe. At least I am man enough to admit when I'm wrong. As u all know both clans were in the wrong in this event.I call for peace with Between two old allies
  17. Yup just 2 left  but we fight on regardless and raise our glasses to our enemy's cheers guys
  18. Butts lol I just raised glasses lmao