Clan "Age" Achievement

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by xXP_3Xx_CaLy_xXP_3Xx, May 30, 2017.

  1. I've sent some feedback about this already, but I figured I would post this and see what others think.

    I've been a member of my clan since 2010, and it was founded in 2009. Like a lot of clans, clan loyalty and pride is a big thing. I've been thinking of ideas to display the day the clan was made, or maybe how old the clan is (in year increments).

    Just as players get individual achievements for how many years they have played the game, why not have that for clans? There are already clan epic battle achievements, top 50, 20, etc leaderboard achievements. Why not an achievement for this as well?

    I think it would receive positive feedback through the community.

  2. support
  3. 100% support
  4. Support!
  5. "Im old and so is my clan, give me more recognition"

    No supp
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  8. I'm old and so is my clan, give me more recognition
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  11. Support. Events ruin clan loyalty in this age of kaw smh.
  12. Support.
  13. This ha nothing to do with clan loyalty, it just shows how old the clan is. Nothing about this would make people more loyal
  14. "my clan used to be great but now it's just 5 people and 50 alts, please notice us"
  15. Lmao bruh
  16. Whether it would make people more loyal isn't the point. If you are someone that actually reads clan pages, a lot of clans state when the clan was established.

    It's not like I'm asking for anything special. It just makes sense to actually have an achievement for this.