Clan Ad Spam Rule

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  1. I guess the best way to keep from getting Silent is to stop using world chat all together and start using speakers to post in world announcement
  2. I completely disagree with this unless you're going to give me a notification b4 I post saying "there have been a few ads coming out of my clan already you could be silenced for posting more" then I most likely won't know if anyone has been posting it would be different if wc wasn't constantly going, but as is you may as well be banning them entirely
  3. I see the community is really scared of the effects of this rule (sarcasm). I've been watching the spam ads flow on WC. Good luck Mods your going to need it.
  4. Support!!
    Will be hard to keep track of, but help declutter wc.
    A "clan/eb ad chat" may be benificial... Those can avoid the spam all together, or specifically seek a certain eb/merc in sc (spam chat)
  5. just put ads on walls, then semd 200 requestsin 5 min for the eb you are running, easy link back, if i am looking for an eb and someone requests it, i always look at thier walls to see who is running it
  6. Concur, there're too many spam in WC. I think WC will be more talkative without a lot ads;))
  7. Bump good call 
  8. Not a good rule how the hell can we controll guest who helping putting ads out.many will get silenced.
  9. Easy solution: add a new rule to clan page requesting that guests ask before putting out ads, and also put it in CA so that it is easily view-able at all times. If someone gets silenced for it, don't feel bad, because you warned them.
  10. Agreed with this :)
  11.  I Support this... Massively 
  12. I think even four times is too many considering how many clans there are.
  13. Well I just got silence it for nothinI have read to your rule about this ...and it says 4 ads not I'm silence it .for I don'know what and your message says 3 ads .when the rules saying 4.....I mean can you please make up your mind about this
  14. Doesn't even put a dent in the ads. Oh well. We tried.
  15. Some one please unsilence me
  16. How many people have been silenced so far?
  17. So freaking stupid like normal but you should give us 2 xtals a week