Clan Ad Spam Rule

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  1. Hi everyone,

    To help combat the growing rise in Clan Ad Spam taking over world chat, we will be enforcing the following new rule:

    Clan Ad spam - is when 5 or more posts of the same clan ad (or different ads for the same clan) occur within 5 minutes.

    The 5th player and any others beyond this threshold will be silenced.

    In summary: Each clan is allowed 4 ads per 5 minutes.

    This rule will take full effect on Friday, June 7th at 12:01 am - PST.
    The week preceding this will be a grace period in which to learn the new rule and ask questions about it.

    The end goal is to still allow clans to advertise while creating space for actual conversation in world chat again.

    NOTE: It does not matter if you are in the clan you post the ad for. It is the content of the post that is reviewed, not clan affiliation. This should prevent non clan members trying to get a clan in trouble, as only the 5th ad and later are silenced.
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  3. Thank god.
  4. Hmm I like it and hate it at the same time
  5. I like this rule. Too many clans ads spamming WC all the time.
  6. No seriously this is bad like what if you don't know your clan mates have posted ads and you post one it's just sorry you were the 5th one here is a silence
  7. :p nice. Rolling out dem threads today ;)
  8.  Support variety for clan ads! 
  9. This is an amazing update.
  10. Good job Kaw :) Hopefully This Helps in reducing clan ads :!:


  11. Pay close attention. Admins should make sure that it doesnt happen.
  12. Thought this was rule anyways?
  13. Hsdrky that would be unfortunate
  14. Good job kaw
  15. Yeah, lots of work on mods. They should get more mods.

    Not only is it hard on them, but it will make it hard on other clans that don't have great communication with each other. Not everyone says "ad out" in cc. So there will be a lot of people getting silenced and they won't know why.
  16. Hard ön*. What's with the bad censors? :lol:
  17. So hopefully people will be more careful Jam... Or better yet, won't post ads lol.
  18. Thank Christ for that!
  19. One can hope, Meisha. lol