Clan A HQ Thanks FURY

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Dos Strippies
  2. Wonder if Harb can fund any strips 
  3. Lmao, that's funny. Even made me laugh. It would be meaningful if I was losing sleep over it. But you have no idea how refreshing it feels to not be spending real money on this account. I feel more pity for those fighting to stay on top. You didn't hurt me brokedown_machine you actually did the apposite. Your fate is not a result of my strip but rather your betrayal and continuous betrayal to ZAFT by being a snake in attacking us and breaking yet another cf.
  4. I like those SS that show Harb cussing, you mad over a game? Then you get stripped and you're all like "i dun care bruh, I can sleep now" :?:
  5. Seriously no one wants to take me up on the spooning in my basement? Disappointing to say the least. I look forward to a year of zaft bashing. I was created for this purpose and to be extremely sexy and I do both very very well. News feeds or my basement is where you can find me.

    TIMDAFREAK midget king and ruler of all basements in kaw 
  6. Oh the irony in the post
  7. Can I find you in your newsfeed while in your basement?
  8. There's only a handful who spend what U spend. So I doubt I will ever relate to " being refreshed " by a strip.

    But we will keep refreshing all of zaft Cuz u poked the bear too many times. It was foolish of zaft to think they were on the same level as apoc. It was foolish of fury to engage clan a.

    Lucky for U guys. We here to take U to school.

    Now watch this drive.
  9. 
  10. I wouldn't expect you to get it. But those on high LB should understand. We tend to have a good chunk of disposable income, and when you not using a share of it on a kaw account you realize that you actually can use it for a lot more things. It is truly refreshing. Thank you apocalypse. This isn't about me though, it's about your actions in general against ZAFT.
  11. *RE-actions to zaft
  12. Lmao, I can't wait to see your tone a year from now. Let's see if you got mojo :)
  13. You sound like Bomanator when he got stripped. Both "don't care" about their strips and feel like it was a good thing, yet both of you are still rollin around in kaw trying to ensure others that they weren't bothered by being stripped.
  14. I actually do know :lol: you're probably like 40 anyways, I'm still a teen. However, the fact that you lost 300 trillion is the best. Congrats on losing all that, how much have you spent?
  15. You lot make my head hurt.
  16. Fight! Fight! Fight!
    On a side note, harb looks butthurt.
  17. Can u? Oh wait. U just finally scrapped some gold to get mp. Never mind..
  18. The brain cells in this one lol. Real money can do anything in this game if I choose to spend it. I don't expect you to get it lol. That's all folks ️
  20. Harbs logic-1)I don't care that I was stripped over 300t. 2) But your will care when you are stripped. 3) We will fight forever. We couldn't catch a cold so I've told all drop allies and build towers. Did I say we don't care? Because we don't. 4) We lost 9 top 50 ally lb inside a week and have none remaining but we don't care because I said we don't care. Harb doesn't care ppl u heard it hear first
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