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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Reading Russian's comments and then -IMF- his wall.  Keep it up and im sure whole APOC is having fun only because your comments. Thanks ️
  2. Yea seems fury were the only ones left out when with that one. This blazer idiot pm me asking if they could get apoc cf so they could war hog alone lol

    We said sure.......... War them after we cf with zaft lol

    Zero intention on letting fury war anyone. We have ss for days of us laughing at it. Tried to do the old divide and conquer. But turns out no special strategy required to beat zaft.
  3. Is dirtylarry old fury or is he the new breed like blazer. I don't remember him. And I sure don't remember fury having this moron in forums on their behalf all the time.
  4. Nothing more true has been said

  5. She is ;)
  6. So what u're saying is, after we got u to offer us what we wanted, we still didn't take it. Can u guess why? What does it make u mare? Speaking of honey dicking Lol
    Ur track record shows ur word to be unreliable anyways. But it's good to know that u are being very realistic about hog's inability to fight 1v1
  7. Keep the fails coming Russian
  8. Lol I keep winning attacks on u with 50/50 success rate. How does it make u feel about ur build when a hansel slaps u around like that? And my eq isn't even in offense haha
  9. Idk...BFA..just a guess or both of u just outta pin for another guess.
  10. Bfa?take a look at my allies - they are hand picked crappiest I could strip lol my guess is that's why I still have em

    He just sux
  11. Yes I was lying to U the whole time. Fully Intending on honey pottin.

    It was actually quite the fun time laughing about it. But U guys chickened out. Too scared to war hog 1v1 after zaft so here we are
  12. Rofl u suck at twisting words and situations..allow IMF to speak on here again, he does a way better job at that haha U make no sense, contradict ur own statements and look nothing but cornered

  13. Hog roster doesn't look too strong compared to furys. They look about 3x bigger than them lol.
  14. That's way too advanced for them Val. U're being logical, that's not an approach apoc is used to. U're confusing them
  15. Putin English pls for us kibitzers
  16. Request a lock on thread.
  17. locking as requested
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