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  1. Chubby - take off your shoes and socks and use your toes to help count.

    Our clans are listed on the Apocalypse clan page.

    And all I see here are claims to overwhelming numbers as an excuse for poor performance and lack of judgement. You are welcome to value loyalty and courage and whatever other and admirable traits you see fit. But I'll tell you of those traits you won't find strategy highly valued.

    Stop complaining about how many clans are beating your ass, you picked this fight now finish it or request cf.

  2. Lol. Go play with Jarls sword it might knock some sense in to you
  3. you just need to know im here rawrrr 

    and Punch ... he likes you too 
  4. I don't mean u, core apoc members. I mean ur newer additions - certain players and clans who is known to request cfs in the past. They'll run again sooner or later. Maybe not in this osw but they'll run again. Apoc core is no doubt loyal and osw tested. But so is any other war clan's core. The numbers u're relying on right now aren't that reliable that's all I'm saying
  5. The point of us even bringing up the outnumbered thing is - how many more does it take to take Zaft down? The more the merrier! Take NA for example. Was it 15 clans on them? They still here and still fighting - well done. Some clans can take being outnumbered and some can't.
  6. We have always been outnumbered and we are still here - and yes we took it

    And again who you call runners ... most left for the very same reason people leaving zaft now are, leadership
  7. Knights of the fire emblem
    Kotfe illuminati
    Kotfe dark league
    Kotfe- assassins
    Kotfe awakening
    True spartans
    Chaos Reborn
    Chaos Reborn Dragon
    Clan A
    heart of gold
    Magic Spank Bank.

    ZAFT Corporation
    ZAFT Carnage.
    ZAFT Destiny
    ZAFT Faith
    ZAFT genesis
    ZAFT S.O.T.R.A.
    ZAFT Ghost Legendz
    ZAFT ultra clan
  8. Lol @ vixen. I disagree with that. I remember 1 time apoc was outnumbered. By zaft. Zaft won that one.

    Although, I'd be happy for you to enlighten me as to which osw apoc was outnumbered in.

    Edit: I was in the zaft/apoc osw. Pretty sure we had zaft outnumbered last time too actually.
  9. No, you haven't. Apoc outnumbered ZAFT in both wars.
  10. Just one example..Debeau. I think he's in awakening now. Latest run of his (no, not the only one) was from NA, he posted a cf request on Cambji wall. Now he's rocking machine tag lol Another example is warlor, posted cf requests numerous times. I could keep going, but I'm not here to embarrass people. Or at least not yet lol
    I can disagree with whoever but for me personally bottom line is - u hit my clan. So I'm in this till the end :)
  11. Also, leadership isn't why anyone left Zaft, nor is it why anyone left Apoc last war. If leadership was the issue those accounts would have left prior to the wars.
    People leave osw for 1 reason. Greed. They don't want to lose all they have acquired through the years. That's exactly why zafts top LB left. They didn't leave because Harb was hire hitting and being a jerk about it. All zaft top 50 hire hit and were jerks about it. Zaft Top LB left because they didn't want to lose their gold. Apoc obviously has the funds to pull anyone off LB. Was the exact same reason Apoc members left during last Zaft /apoc spat. They didn't want zaft to strip them.

    To say it's leadership that made these zafties leave is merely propaganda. The truth is they all were exactly like Harb. And when faced with consequences (being stripped) for their actions decided to hightail it out. No other reason. If it was leadership they wouldn't have been happy to be zaft in the first place. All seemed pretty happy to be zaft when in war with NA's 1 clan.
  12. That's what I thought too
  13. Do we need some history lessons? 
  14. Ya but last war Zaft controlled the LB well and truly. Red, Cella, Laoda, Arabian, donno, harbinger.
  15. @vixen. Ashamed maybe too strong a word try.... hesitant.... Straight to deflect mode by bringing NA outnumbered into it. Them imf wants any list put back to pre war as that's relevant.  NA were still standing with 15 on them and no complaints guys took it and stood strong. A good clan that won't be broken. I don't argue with being outnumbered idc revert to my post on page 2. This is a game and numbers mean nothing. Patience and determination are what counts.
  16. Yes, please.

    Agreed. Top LB always determines outcome of OSW's. Arguments can be made against that statement, but history shows it's always the case.
  17. "We" don't. You did.
  18. Family rosters at the start of osw are relevant because those were the chips on the table. Obviously that's changed now for the reasons I've already mentioned. Unfortunately your pile of chips continues to shrink. I have zero sympathy for zaft leadership's current situation. They've terrorized kaw too long to deserve any. Happy to give a CF and support to any member there who is fed up with the lies and internal threats for wishing to leave.
  19. OMG, is Hell has frozen over!!! I actually agree with Mickey Mouse for once!
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