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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. We could do a before and after? 
  2. Chubby maybe we should have a list of clans involved at the start of the osw  or those on both sides  whether they're there now or not is a different subject  and as for those that joined later well all the info is on this thread  nice try at pulling out the "were outnumbered " card tho 
  3. We are out numbered in members,clans,lb,and funds we all know it, it's a fact and it gets worse everyday...look at IFM wall...I just wanted to see a nice list laid out that's all..Who's gonna give us sympathy? Nobody cares, you take how you wanna take It I just asked a question don't get all defensive 
  4. So many cyber tears from fury lol. they can give it but they can't take it lol. Too bad. Their cc must be drowning. Empty vessels make the most noise and this thread is testament to that. #SorryNotSorry #HeresAtissueForYourIssue
  5. Dude that's so clever how you guys say Clam A instead of Clan A. That's some real comedic talent there.
  6. Nobody cares about being outnumbered. This isn't the first time for us. Maybe u should try and see how fun it can be and how u handle it? It's just interesting to see the progression. I don't only mean clans who got involved later on, I also mean clans who ran. Let all know the runners by names! Let's see who they join next for protection. Maybe even apoc? Lol u guys like overwhelming numbers, that's ur main strategy. We prefer loyalty cos after all, what can be done to one in a tap tap game?
    Mare told me recently something along the lines of 'your hands are gonna be full soon'. Glad u guys realize that even being as outnumbered as we are right now, our hands still ain't full lol
  7. Just so u know its SILVER not silver. Our ocd minotaur gets a litte crazy when he sees silver.
  8. Russian, do you even believe the crap you say? Cuz no one else does. Your hands aren't full? Then why is your alliance crumbling day by day?
  9.  point accepted. I'll train my auto spell.
  10. Whatever u call crumbling. I personally believe there's no better test of loyalty in kaw than a big scale osw. Let runners run. It's a good thing. We don't need them. Yet u guys feel like u need more on us. Or so I'm told by ur leader lol U filled ur ranks with known runners and the only reason they're in apoc is because they feel secure. U know this. And u let them because u want numbers to be on ur side. It's ur only chance to win. I bet u wish u could freely talk in cc without thinking of it having a mole or a trader lol i can :)
  11. Please remove your tongue from the window before posting in future many thanks. On the subject of runners how is n3zza. You honestly are an embarrassment. Do fury a favour and stay off forums u thick mare
  12. Absolutely️
  13. To me, Crumbling alliance= multiple cf daily and multiple 1t strips daily. What do you call that? But you just keep worrying about who we take in and what is said in our cc. Seems to be really helping you guys retain gold and members 
  14. @Russian you really dont get Apoc at all, maybe ask some of your clan mates - ex apoc clan mates

    we have warred Zaft before, heavily outnumbered and heavily out funded and you know what?

    We are still here, still loyal with the same family warring along the same people. And Fury are in constant OSW so im pretty certain they weeded out their weak - they dont need an OSW - you underestimate your own clan

    If you are the spokesperson for Zaft Fury then god help them - you really are spouting rubbish. Go check facts before you act like you know what the hell you are talking about lol
  15. It's so easy to upset u. How come u forgot to call me mr. Putin? Lol Is it my calmness and lack of personal insults that makes u mad the most? Because I don't expect u to believe what I'm saying, u brainwashed u lol

    Fury has been in osw for 1 year prior to this one. And more's b2b here lol Sometimes people need breaks from war or Kaw in general. n33z is a great warrior and i miss him tons. It is what it is
  16. I just wanted to see a list that's all! 
  17. See what u started chubby 
  18. @Wolf im not ashamed at all and neither is anyone else

    This is a war game is it not?

    And Zaft themselves pretty much set the standard in KaW on outnumbering strategy in Wars

    Wolf are you ashamed at the tears appearing from your clan in this thread? i would be...
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