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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Yeah but you made that up for lolz 
  2. Well there's always a SS

  3. Let's just say Apoc has won
  4. Last OSW with Clan A was leave greet warroir and frends (lllKEElllKEElll)

    Valky_ strip me 2nd time naked and it was a good one.


    Clan A Family so injoin the never ending OSW.

    Now let us see, how supported APOC there.

    a viking there is naked and have a sword in the hand, waiting of the call from walhalla only.

    apoc and clan a means we are bully's

    okay you wanted so ill delivering.

    This is my part, who will follow me injoin the bully-team ️

    Schuby the Jarl
  5. Ain't over til its over - Yogi Berra
  6. anyone else giggle over Jarls sword comment
  7. is it even English?
  8. Seems like zaft is losing members everyday.

    Is this Zafts attempt at recruiting? :lol:
  9. Can someone like troll make a nice list of clans in this osw? pretty please with sugar on top?
    Clans and numbers would be great
  10. SUPPORT!
  11. Jarl proofread next time

    Generally naked and hand on sword don't belong in same sentence
  12. I'll do it later
  13. did anyone make a list of all the clans on NA at the time? 15 vs 1 i think .... 
  14. Oh now vixen. U aren't feeling a little ashamed now are u? Deflecting before it's even posted. That does stink of something shameful or u don't want seen. All this chest thumping when it's seen there are that many on Zaft and fury will make apoc look a little stoopid.
    But I don't feel that was the intention. U see I don't know who's who. All these little alliances, friends of friends, neighbours pet dogs and one man bands. All these clans crawling out of the wood work to have a go and throw their name in the ring. I only see inc from maybe 5 different clans mentioned in cc. These others joining in are ruining a good osw. And stealing any bragging rights the machines hold so dear.
  15. I'd like to see that list to
  16. Make sure it's a pre-war list as many clans on zaft side have folded, merged into each other or are listed as alliance but not involved.

    Actions taken by zaft against those outside of Apoc are a self-inflicted wound and their own separate issue. Stupidity doesn't give them the right to play the "woe is me" card.
  17. 'Make a list of clans in war. Make sure it's pre war list'..wth are u even saying IMF?
  18. Haha current list cause we fight today no? Zaft stf now stf shouldn't count cause they're clowns...
    "Woe is me" like the purpose of this thread those clams should count cause they see blood in the water or were asked by apoc to join,nobody did anything to them 
  19. All clans that were attacking NA should be considered on Zafts roster. If they decided to run away AFTER apoc started putting boots to asses oh well. Still zaft when the war started. Just decided to be the first to run.

    That way we all get to see just how pathetic all those runners are.
  20. A pre war list? What relevance has that on things. By all means show all clans who have left the war merged or whatever in zaft. Who cares? And are Clam A and silver not alliances with warlor? Clan A and silver as an alliance and whoever these magic spankers are must all be added. Are u saying this is three separate osw? They aren't involved in strip funds spies etc and are an alliance of warlor? Pull the other one imf, all must be added.
    This isn't a woe is me. Just looking to see who is who. Their reasons for osw isn't in doubt. All good reasons. Past transgressions leading to only now jumping in when the advantage is with them is what they have been slated for.
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