Clan A HQ Thanks FURY

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Sometimes you have to lower your self for little fun Hahahaha
  2. Lol clan A HQ sucks
  3. JB isn't having fun anymore.. he takes this game way too serious.. now that he has been punked publicly on forums he is gonna lose sleep.. Apoc are a bunch of digital thugs :lol:
  4. As long as you've a btl of bleach and a wire brush you're safe 
  5. Yeah you're right, never have fun at all, you got me totally. Maybe I'll make several fake retirement threads or something 

    On a scale of 1 - social services taking my kids cos I'm a terrible mom, how serious would u rate it? 

  6. Says the person who had to make an alt specifically to talk trash to players on an online game because they are scared their main account would suffer the consequences.

    Yep he totally takes this game way to seriously and you don't at all
  7. Consequences? I'm not scared of some dead beat dad on a video game :eek:
  8. The evidence proves otherwise kiddo

    Btw I know it's hard for your brain to understand this, but you do know that that whole situation was a joke, years ago right? Yeah continue to use something as stupid as that as an attempted insult because you are to stupid to think of anything else. Yep you totally don't take this game seriously at all :lol:
  9. 
  10. ' I'm not scared of some dead beat dad on a video game '

    Posted by a statless alt

    Uhm okay den 
  11. Everyone's having a great weekend and no one cares really
  12. Sorry I don't beat to your drum, but I sense you may be lacking the intellectual fortitude to get that!
  13. You guys remember when IMF wasn't a douche? Me neither.
  14. Awwwww, we have a butthurt bandit.
  15. Iron maiden is back
  16. Never heard of her

  17. I don't get malestone lol. He was in zaft and on the zaft and Na thread and was basically half supporting NA.. Then he ran from zaft as soon as they OSW started?and I still see him on threads involving zaft
  18. Update:

    Almost a week after Valk declared war on Fury, Fury finally saw clam a in their nf. They started from mp strip, then they bought few upgrades for some of us (and continued to burn xtals, without paying attention to increased stats) and then they moved on to rarely showing their presents in our news. Not much and inc had decreased since the start but at this point we're happy with anything we can get from almighty clam a
  19. I do. He seems like a totally different person every time he posts a cf request in forums. So cute
  20. I heard a rumour that it's me
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