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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. you are on their thread defending their honor to a statless alt

  2. Am I ? Erm where?

    3 for 3 now - dude I'd give up and take up fishing or something 
  3. right now you are arguing with me. I know my stats are bigger than your boyfriends but don't confuse my statlessness

  4. Arguing with you or correcting your idiocy ??

    Still no mention of any of the things you wrongly stated ...

    So instead you come off with something random to try and deflect.

    That awkward moment when you look at your screen and think 'Damn I'll get it right next time!'

    4-0 you're on fire 

    Go have another go .......
  5. 4-0 means 4 wins and no losses.. maybe in rp that means i'm losing.. idk
  6. 

    Reduced to that ....

    Ok dude I feel bad now, I'm only yanking your chain for lolz

    Plus you make it sooooo easy.

    Lesson one for statless trolls -

    Read back at what the person you're trolling wrote so you don't epic fail otherwise it makes you look stupid

    You can thank me later

    JB 

  7. 
  8. lIIIlIIIlllIIIIIIIllllIIIIIll Heres a link to notorioys alt ps osf that they using to self pin on
  9. I just love how Russianidiot tells others that they are not smart, then proceeds to type like a teenage bimbo. It makes for great laughs.

    Oh and just ignore senor_buttmunch. His main was a farm before or something because that kid comes on every apoc thread and spews his crap every time. 
  10. you have no room talking about fat teenage bimbos.. Aren't you behind on your child support to Deni?
  11. ^Now I'm 6-0 JB
  12. You have nothing good to say so you have you use petty personal attacks on someone's real life, even if it's just a load of steam you dreamt up in dream land.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for being a butthurt crying noob who cried on almost every thread I see.
  13. Im a statless alt what do I have to cry about? name one place or time I was crying and what was I crying about? the reality is you are a butt kissing war runner that rp's with Roni on 3rd party apps :eek:
  14. Lol buttmunch sure talk about a joke 2 years ago just shows how stupid you are you do know everyone thinks you're an idiot right?
  15. Heard a rumour about who butt's main may be ...

    Gonna be very interesting if it's true 

  16. Well, we know who is getting stripped now 
  17. Oli they've no idea 
  18. Dis is so funny
  19. all JB can do is talk dirty to me in pm until I quit
  20. Your mom was busy 
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