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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. JB this is one of those thing in life can't be won. You have better chances to meet a Lochness monster than winning and argument with her. My opinion, she's one of those woman that you don't want to marry. She not only take half of your stuff. She will take one of your balls with her too
  2. 
  3. Omg hahahahahaha
  4. I'm sorry I'm just really really dumd nd bad at redding can you ave clam a post pretty pictures of fury members doing bad mean things yo?
  5. it goes

    No u're not smart.

    1. I'm not denying saying those things. Where did u read that? That's either a weak or a desperate (or likely both) attempt on ur part. If u know what I mean, but u prolly don't so..
    2. Ur logic is broken. The 'connection' u tried to find between those two quotes of mine makes no sense. Yes we wanted and ofc we still going to take down hog. Yes, we aren't concentrating on taking them down right now. So what's ur point? Huggies aren't going anywhere. We're up against another alliance, not just hog. Right now there's much more active and fat clans in apoc. It's more of a strategy thing but u won't have any idea what I'm talking about.

    U need to be explained everything. In the simplest way possible. Like a three year old I swear.. See why u being ignored? So I'm back at it :)
  6. Meh pictures..I'd rather see clan a in my nf! How long has it been since the mighty clan a declared war on us? How long do i have to wait for this scurrrry war to begin?? I'm tired of shaking :'(
  7. My point is why bleat on about HOG then don't do it when you have the chance?? You sound like one of those sensationalist wrestlers

    ' we're gonna get you!'

    ' ok come on'

    ' uhm not right now!' 

    Yup same old blazey, any wonder no one wanted to be associated with you? 

    And we all know why you're ignoring me 

  8. Jb.. Didn't you own osiris at one point? I'm pretty sure ya did. Don't think your Ian position to insult blazey lol
  9. :) i aint supposed to post on war threads. one o my bosses gonna spank me for this.

    but i gotta sa this. i thought i was good. then warlock and johnnypizzo taught me a thing or two. they aren't lb. im bigger than them. but let's play.:)
  10. Nope never owned it, was on the council so close enough. 

    I'm not insulting anyone, I'm correcting her bull, which I like to do to those who talk it.
    Those who know me know nothing I've said would even come close to one of my insults 

    I assume your derision about osiris is supposed to mean something to me? Perhaps how all the lb accounts ran from the last war or something? No idea, but I did state this myself on numerous occasions.

    Please do tell or is this just Val being Val ? 
  11. I've just wondered why you weren't there anymore. And you're the one picking holes in people's past history like blazey lol that's all I'm doing.
  12. Haven't been for a long time, left about a month or two after the last big osw cos I had a different opinion on the direction we should go. I floated about for a while then finally settled in Kotfe.

    Tell you the truth i was also invited to join Zaft cos I had friends there but I'd built up a good relationship with some of the Kotfe guys so went there.

    Still get on well with a lot of osiris and ex osiris.

    It's no secret really. 
  13. Thing won't allow me to amend my post ....

    I'm not picking holes in her past history, I'm picking holes in the garbage she's writing, no different to any others I've done. It's not personal, I just have this uncontrollable urge when I see people writing stuff that's blatantly untrue or a contradiction to call them on it if I know different.

    It's no big deal really lol 
  14. Idk JB, her story makes sense to me.. Sometimes in OSW you have to follow a certain strategy. That doesn't mean they still don't want to go after them. When you're outnumbered like that you have to plan accordingly I would assume. All OSW clans use strategy to plan an OSW, it's not like when you were at Osiris and everyone would just start RP'ing when OSW started.
  15. You're a little off Mr afraid to post with a main

    I mean Señor Butt guy

    Damn autocorrect

    We were RP'ing before, during, and after osw's 

    But hey by all means take it up with Osiris, I don't mind. I'm not the one coming on saying we're gonna destroy clans, we did this, we did that etc etc yada yada

    Sooooooo .........

    Hardly makes those points any more valid though 
  16. Soooooooooo...

    you went from Osiris RP leader to Apoc forum cheerleader? I would say you have come along way :)
  17. Whut does that make you senor....pfft

  18. Lol Apoc forum cheerleader?? Exactly where? 

    Damn dude if you're gonna go to all that effort to create an account to hide behind whilst you try to troll at least you could make a bit of an effort lol

    I've went from an Osiris RP leader to an Apoc RP Noob - get it right 

    That being said ......

    Gimme an A ....

  19. Im sorry Clan A cheerleader this is their thread and 15 minutes of relevance

  20. Erm have i even mentioned Clan A??

    Dude you're awesome at this 
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